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최근 3년간 신진연구인력 국제저명학술지 논문 게재 실적


 - 서지현

    Kim, Byungchan, Eunmi Kim, and Jeehyeon Seo.
   "On the number of even and odd strings along the over partitions of n."
    arXiv preprint arXiv:1309.3669 (2013).


 - 박재현

    Chung, Soon-Yeong, and Jea-Hyun Park.
   "Extinction and positivity for the evolution p-Laplacian equations with absorption on networks." 
    Computers & Mathematics with Applications 69.3 (2015): 223-234.



최근 3년간 참여대학원생 국제저명학술지 논문 게재 실적


 - 남선영

    Choi, Seung-Il, Sun-Young Nam, and Young-Tak Oh.
   "Bijections among combinatorial models for shifted Littlewood–Richardson coefficients." 
    Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A 128 (2014): 56-83.


 - 최민준

    Chung, Soon-Yeong, and Min-Jun Choi.
   "Blow-Up Solutions and Global Solutions to Discrete-Laplacian Parabolic Equations."
    Abstract and Applied Analysis. Vol. 2014. Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2014.


 - 이재황

    Chung, Soon-Yeong, and Jae-Hwang Lee.
   "Blow-up for Discrete Reaction-Diffusion Equations on Networks." 
    Applicable Analysis and Discrete Mathematics (2015): 103-119.


 - 허동만

    Heo, Dong-Man, and Jon-Lark Kim. 
   "On some double circulant codes of Crnković and disproof of his two conjectures."
    Discrete Mathematics 339.9 (2016): 2209-2214.





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