김영훈 (Kim, Younghoon) 

American TV Dramas, Critical Theory, and Cultural Studies
명지대학교 (BA)
서강대학교 (MA)
University of Alberta (MA)
University of Alberta (PhD)
"The Birth of Korean Entrepreneurial Subjectivity in KBS TV Drama The Age of Ambition." 인문과학연구』 (2015) forthcoming

“The Performativity of Literature and its Ethical Engagements in D. H. Lawrence’s The Virgin and the Gipsy.” Forum for World Literature Studies 7.1 (2015): 148-162. (Scopus)

“(De)Constructing the Sound of Nationhood in George Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess (1935).” Journal of American Studies 46.1 (2014): 273-290. (KCI)

“The Deconstruction of English Studies in Korean Universities and its (im)Possibility for the Future to Come.” The Journal of Teaching English Literature 18. 1 (2014): 83-106. (KCI)

“Rogue Cops’ Politics of Equality in The Wire.” Journal of American Studies 47. 1 (2013): 189-211. (A&HCI)

“President Bartlet’s Two Decisions on the War on Terror.” The Journal of Literature and Film 12. 2 (2011): 563-86. (KCI) 

“A Capitalist State of Exception in David Milch’s Deadwood.” Studies in English Language & Literature 53. 1 (2011): 105-36. (KCI) 

“The Revolt of Bare Lives and the Return to Normality in Heroes Season One: Genesis (2006-07).” English 21 24. 1 (2011): 203-18. (KCI)
조르조 아감벰, 벌거벗음』, 인간사랑, 2014. 
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