Seoul is the second largest city in Asia only next to Tokyo. Its population today, including metropolitan areas, is greater than 20 million. It has served as South Korea's capital city for over 600 years, and is the busiest city in the nation.

At the very heart of Seoul, big river called the Han River (the name literally means 'a big river' in Korean) runs and divides the city into two distinctive regions. The northern region is considered the "older district", which contains many historical sites and government offices, the most recognized one being the "Blue House" (the presidential office). The southern region, however, is the newly developed and industrialized part of Seoul. Since 1970, it has grown rapidly, and is now the center of major economic activity. This is the home to many international corporations and businesses. This region is referred to as "Gangnam (South of the River)", which has received a lot of attention and publicity due to the pop song, "Gangnam Style".

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