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  • Typical Korean Food you may want to try
      • Videos on Youtube: Korean Food
        Bi-bim-bab : Rice with mixed vegetables.
        • Han-Joeng-sik: Table (or course) small dishes korean cuisine.
        Gal-bi: Marinated meat with bones.
        Bul-go-gi: Marinated meat without bones.
        Pa-Jeon: Similar to pizza (between pizzas and tempura).
        • Gal-bi-Tang: Soup with beef bones.
        • Sam-Gye-Tang: hot porridge of chicken and Korean ginseng (popular summer food for Koreans).
        Soon-Doo-Boo-Chigye: Spicy tofu.
        Doen-Jang-Chigye: spicy miso (thicker than Japanese miso)
        Neng-Myeon: Cold noodles
        Man-doo: Korean style dumpling.
        • Kal-Guk-Su: Korean warm noodle, dumpling soup.
        • Jang-O Gui: broiled eel.
        • Ge-Jang: Spicy Crab.

  • Downtown Myoung Dong Area (Click here for addresses and map)
      • Hanil Kwan (1577-9963) : Traditional Korean Food. Near Euljiro station exit 3 or 4 (Ferum Tower B1).
        Yongsusan (at Seoul Finance Center) (02-771-5553) : Upscale traditional Korean.
        Dalgaebi (02-765-2068) : Upscale High quality Korean food.
        • Gogoong (02-776-3211) : A famous place for Bibimbab, Richard Rogerson's favorite.
        Jeonju Joongang restaurant (02-776-3525) : Traditional Southern Korean cuisine. Bibim Bab specialty.
        Nampo Myounok: (02-777-3131) : Traditional North Korean cuisine across Lotte Hotel.
        Woorae Ok (02-2265-0151) : Famous for Neng-Myeon (cold noodle) and bulgogi.
        Hadongkwan (02-776-5656) : Serve beef-broth soup (Gomtang) only. Open for 7AM-4:30PM.
        • Baek Jae Samgyetang (02-776-3267) : Hot porridge of chicken and Korean ginseng, a popular summer food.
        Hanmiri (02-757-5707) : A modern take on Korea's traditional cuisine.
        • O'sulloc (02-774-5460) : Serve Korean green tea.
        Vecchia E Nuovo (02-317-0022) : Fresh bread and cakes.
        Andrea (02-2118-6211) : Italian restaurant.
        Luii (02-736-8889) : Chinese restaurant.
        Dintaifung (02-771-2778) : Chinese restaurant famous for dumpling.
        • Lotte Department Store (top floors) and Lotte Arcade (underground) also host many good restaurants.
        • It may sound funny. The grocery sections (B1/B2) of Lotte and Shinsegye department stores provide interesting variety of local foods and snacks.
        Various (cheap) local foods at Da-dong Traditional food street, north across Lotte Hotel.

  • Insa-Dong Area (15 min walk from Myoung Dong, Subway Anguk Station, Line #3)
      • Lots of restaurants (with reasonable prices) specializing in traditional Korean cuisines in Insa-Dong Area (see also Tourism)
        Jihwaja (02-2269-5834) : Richard Rogerson's favorite. One of the most distinctive restaurants, which specializes in the Royal Cuisine of Chosun Dynasty. The founding chef (deceased) was National Intangible Asset No. 38. Her grandchildren are running it now.
        Gaesung Mandoo 'Goong' (02-733-9240) : Serves traditional North Korean style dumplings.
        Min's Club (민가다헌) (02-733-2966) : Historical house with a unique decoration. But, not a genuine Korean cuisine.
        Barelin (02-722-5623) : A nice place for German beer and cuisine served by a German chef.
        The Kitchen Salvatore and Bar (02-730-5545) : Wine and Napoli style food served by a Japanese chef (strange? but food is really good).

  • Sam-cheong Dong Area (25 min walk from Myoung Dong, Subway Anguk Station Line #3)
      • • On the street next to the Prime Minister's Office, there are a bunch of small but nice casual restaurants.
        Baedongbaji (02-720-9644) : Reasonable price for various traditional Korean food. East of Gyoungbok palace.
        • Bukchon Kalguksu (02-739-6339) : Korean warm noodle, dumpling soup.
        • Bukmakgol (02-730-0980) : Dumpling soup, other Korean traditional food in traditional Korean house setting.
        Danpoong Namu (02-730-7461) : Korean BBQ.
        Soseonjae (02-730-7002) : Traditional Korean Menu.
        Dalhangari (02-733-7902) : Typical and traditional Korean food
        Cha Masenen teul (02-722-7006) : Korean dessert and a variety of traditional tea in a traditional house.
        Samcheonggak (02-765-3700) : Used to be a Gei-sha place. Renovated to a public restaurant. Great view. Food is OK. Traditional musical performance every night. Shuttle buses are provided by the restaurant.
        Jaha-Sonmandoo (02-379-2648) : A nice restaurant specializes in Mandoo. Provides a nice view of the Northern Seoul.
        Tosokchon (02-737-7444) : For quality Samgyetang.

  • Shinchon Area
      • HyungJae-Galbi (02-365-0001) : Traditional Korean Galibi, Bulgogi, etc.
        Byukjae Galbi (02-392-8308) : Upscale traditional Korean Galibi, Bulgogi, etc.
        Samho Bokjip (02-337-9019) : Famous for excellent blow fish soup.

  • Gangnam Area
      • • Goong Yeon (02-3673-1104) : This is the south branch of Jihwaja.
        Pil Gyung Jae (02-445-2115) : Upscale Korean food in wonderful restaurant setting.
        Dadam (02-518-6161) : Upscale, fine-dining Korean restaurant.
        • Soobool (02-3478-0066) : Fusion Korean Dining.
        • Gyesung (02-541-7317) : Upscale North Korean Food.
        Platoon Kunsthalle (02-3447-1191) : Contemporary bar, serves German food
        • The Flair Bar (02-545-5554) : Casual cocktail bar. Cocktails shows

  • Others Restaurants
      • • Myeongwall Gwan (02-450-4595) : Korean style BBQ (in Walker Hill Hotel)
        Top Cloud (02-774-2100) : French cuisine/bar at night with a view of downtown

  • For more restaurants in Seoul, check this site and also www.koreataste.org
    List of Seoul restaurants by Tripadvisor.

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