Welcome to the Department of Chinese Culture.

Welcome to the Department of Chinese Culture. Historically, China was a powerful country that was dominating East Asia, and today, it is rising as the world's political and economic leading power. Korea and China as neighboring countries have close relationship to each other from the past until today. China is influencing our lives in many ways today. In order to have proper understanding of China, we should not approach it from the point of view which separates its culture into literature, history, philosophy and more. We cannot understand the essence of China with fragmentary research since China is a country which has different cultural components combined as a whole. The program of the Department of Chinese Culture aims to educate a China expert who understands each and every aspects of China through studying various cultural phenomenons including Chinese literature, history, philosophy, religion and more on the basis of Chinese language. For this goal, the classes in this program are formed in a way that the students can understand the past and present, theory and reality of China harmoniously. I hope you will map out your dream and grow as a well grounded leader in East Asia as well as in the whole world with our program at the Department of Chinese Culture.
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