Program Overview

Goals and Objectives

As you know it well, there were several civilizations in the ancient time. Only Chinese civilization kept its identity until today while others were changed into different culture or were disappeared.
China played a significant role in world history. Also, it led the culture of East Asia constantly throughout the history. Particularly, Korea and China have vital relationship geographically, culturally and diplomatically compared to any other countries in the world. This characteristics can be the most striking among many existing circumstances that Koreans have. Also, it is the part that Koreans cannot ignore when we map out for our future.

Moreover, China is rising as the only powerful country that can face the United States, under the circumstance that the United States is leading the world order after the Soviet Union was collapsed. And the economic and diplomatic relationships Korea has with China will be unfolded complicatedly in a deeper level.

China developed its own culture through the history. In the back of all China's policy draft or enforcement, there are their unique cultural power, and in the front of it, there are always their cultural character. Therefore, understanding China should not be made in fragmentary point of view such as mere literary point of view or historical point of view. A full understanding of China would be possible only through the study that covers over the length and breadth of its culture. The Department of Chinese Culture Program will guide you to the various aspects of Chinese culture so that you can understand China and Chinese social changes based on its culture on the whole perspective.

Sogang students who will carry the future of Korea on their shoulders should have profound interest in China since China would influence Korea's development directly. Were the same in the past and at the present time, passively or actively, there was never a time that China was not the 'reality' of Korea.
In addition, the world is moving forward to the new century respecting cultural diversity. Western countries are trying to understand and apply Asian value in order to overcome their own culture's limitation or to create a new form of culture. Can we truly say we understand and share the Asian culture or value? To reach the new, to create ingenious culture of the future, to promote national interests, China should stay closer to us than now.

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