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01) Features & Options

How is The Department of Chinese Culture different from The Department of Chinese Literature and The department of Chinese Region Studies? They were able to cultivate scholars in literature in the departments of Chinese Literature, due to their studies in Chinese literature. However, the problem appeared in utility aspect since studying Chinese literature did not help understanding China's reality. The departments of Chinese Region Studies were established to make up this problem, but studying China only in geographic or social sciences aspect without considering its culture was another problem. Chinese Region Studies did not come up to expectation in depth and in breadth. The Chinese Culture major will help Sogang students to understand China in a wider range by guiding them through Chinese culture which is a depth logic of Chinese society, and by guiding them to study social phenomenon founded on its culture. By taking the Chinese Culture major, you will be able to face China with overall comprehension.
What will I learn in The Department of Chinese Culture?
First of all, in the department of Chinese Culture, we put emphasis on Chinese language. If you major in Chinese Culture, you will be able to speak Chinese without significant difficulties by the time you graduate. You will have a great opportunity to learn Chinese language along with vivid knowledge from native Chinese speaking professors during the classes as well as through the exchange program with universities in China or through the language courses between the semesters.
You will learn cultural foundation of China through Chinese literature, philosophy and history. By learning the cultural background, you will be able to understand the reality of China. Therefore, you will always learn the actual cultural phenomena along with the fragmental parts such as philosophy, literature and history. In this case, you will be able to understand the articulate relationship between the culture and the reality of China. For instance, you will learn the development of Chinese modern history through Chinese contemporary literature or the social changes in China by arguments in different philosophical subject.

Course Offerings

The Department of Chinese Culture is for copulative major. Therefore, you can take many of the classes from other majors, such as history, philosophy, politics and you can still count them as valid credits, which is flexible. Please refer to the Department of Chinese Culture section of the course catalog if you would like to find out valid credit classes from other majors. In short, you have various options in the classes and the areas that you can choose from. Also you can choose certain field that you are interested in. It is great to take many classes that fit into your plan and future.


02) Career Planning

The studies of history are the process of understanding the human through historical events and human behaviors. The history major is a scholarship to analyze situations of the past, the present and the future. The history major encourages students to ask how we can understand complex situations and analyze those by their historical consciousness. Students who developed their analyzing abilities in the undergraduate school can contribute to society.

The history major always encourages students to ask how we can understand complex situations considering the relationship between origins and consequences. Prospective careers after graduation include continuing academic researches to become a professional historian, in which the historical perspectives, insights, and linguistic proficiency.

First of all, students can continue their studies in the graduate school. Also they who complete the Teacher Training Program in the undergraduate can have an opportunity becoming history teacher. Because students cultivate their abilities by the process of research and analysis in history studies, they can apply their abilities to any part of society, such as journalism, writings, and financial services.

The most important thing is that history is not a technical subject, which is directly utilized in society, but a scholarship that develops fundamental knowledge. Because the comprehensive understanding and knowledge about human and society can apply to any part of society; therefore history can play an important part in contemporary society. Thus, history is inclusive studies applied to all categories of human knowledge and it is the scholarship, which can be used for broad practical spheres.

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