Heshmati, Almas

Ph.D., Gothenburg University, Sweden (1994)
., Uppsala University, Sweden (1984)
Research Interest:
Agricultural Economics, Industrial Economics, Applied Microeconomics

Contact Details:

Almas Heshmati
Professor of Economics,
Department of Economics, Room K526,
Sogang University, 35 Baekbeom-ro (Sinsu-dong #1),
Mapo-gu, Seoul 121-742 Korea,

Phone: +82-2-705-8771+82-2-705-8771, +82-10-4513-1712+82-10-4513-1712,
E-mail: heshmati@sogang.ac.kr

Short Biography for Almas Heshmati:

Almas Heshmati is Professor of Economics at Department of Economics, Sogang University. He held similar positions at the Korea University, Seoul National University, University of Kurdistan Hawler, RATIO Institute (Sweden) and the MTT Agrifood Research (Finland). He was Research Fellow at the World Institute for Development Economics Research (WIDER), The United Nations University during 2001-2004. From 1998 until 2001, he was an Associate Professor of Economics at the Stockholm School of Economics. He has a Ph.D. degree from the University of Gothenburg (1994), where he held a Senior Researcher position until 1998. His research interests include applied microeconomics, globalization, development strategy, efficiency, productivity and growth with application to manufacturing and services. In addition to more than 100 scientific journal articles he has published books on EU Lisbon Process, global income inequality, East Asian manufacturing, Chinese economy, technology transfer, information technology, water resources, electricity generation, landmines and development economics.

Selected Publications:

Heshmati A. (2014), “Demand, Customer Base-Line and Demand Response in the Electricity Market: A Survey”, Journal of Economics Surveys, 28(2).

Heshmati A. and S.C. Kumbhakar (2014), “A General Model of Technical Change with an Application to the OECD Countries”, Economics of Innovation and New Technology 23(1).

Heshmati A. and F. Lenz-Cesar (2013), “Agent-based Simulation of cooperative Innovation in R&D”, Research Evaluation 22(1), 15-29.

Heshmati A. and H.S, Kim (2011), “The R&D and Productivity Relationship of Korean Listed Firms”, Journal of Productivity Analysis 36(2), 125-142.

Oh D.H. and A. Heshmati (2010), “A Sequential Malmquist-Luenberger Productivity Index: Environmentally Sensitive Productivity Growth Considering the Progressive Nature of Technology”, Energy Economics 32(6), 1345-1355.

Heshmati A. (2006), “The World Distribution of Income and Income Inequality: A Review of the Economic Literature”, Journal of World Systems Research 12(1), 60-107.

Frölich M., A. Heshmati and M. Lechner (2004), “A Microeconometric Evaluation of Rehabilitation of Long-term Sickness in Sweden”, Journal of Applied Econometrics 19(3), 375-396.

Färe R., F. Førsund, S. Grosskopf, K. Hays and A. Heshmati (2001), “A Note on Decomposing the Malmquist Productivity Index by Means of Subvector Homotheticity”, Economic Theory 17(1), 239-245.

Maasoumi E. and A. Heshmati (2000), “Stochastic Dominance amongst Swedish Income Distributions”, Econometric Reviews 19(3), 287-320.

Kumbhakar S.C., A. Heshmati and L. Hjalmarsson (1999), “Parametric Approaches to Productivity Measurement: A Comparison among Alternative Models”, Scandinavian Journal of Economics 101(3), 405-424.

Kumbhakar S.C., A. Heshmati and L. Hjalmarsson (1997), “Temporal Patterns of Technical Efficiency: Results from Competing Models”, International Journal of Industrial Organization 15, 597-616.

Kumbhakar S.C. and A. Heshmati (1995), “Efficiency Measurement in Swedish Dairy Farms: An Application of Rotating Panel Data, 1976-1988”, American Journal of Agricultural Economics 77(August), 660-674.

Kim T.Y. and A. Heshmati (2014), “Economic Growth: The New Perspectives for Theory and Policy”, Springer.

Heshmati A. and N.T. Khayyat (2013), “Socio-Economic Impacts of Landmines in Southern Kurdistan”, Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Tausch A. and A. Heshmati (2012), “Globalization, the Human Condition and Sustainable Development in the 21st Century: Cross-national Perspectives and European Implications”, London: Anthem Press.

Heshmati A. (2012), “Economic Fundamentals of Power Plants Performance”, London: Routledge.

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