The Office of International Affairs is divided into two divisions (dimensions). The Exchanges and Collaboration Division (section) deals with institutional collaboration and exchange agreements with universities abroad, and study abroad programs for students. The International Student & Faculty Services Division (section) deals with immigration, academic, and student issues regarding international students, and supports the recruitment of international students.

International Exchanges & Collaboration
(FAX: +82-2-705-8119 )
1. Responsibilities regarding institutional and academic collaboration with foreign universities .
2. Exchange student program including selection, advising, and sending of exchange students.
3. Semester study abroad, short-term programs, and international internships.
4. Invitation of international faculty and related affairs.
5. International conference and international protocol.

International Student & Faculty Services
(FAX: +82-2-705-8119 )
1. Advising of international visa and immigration related issues.
2. Advising of academic and living issues, accommodation support.
3. Support for international student recruitment.
4. Service and support for Global Korea Scholarship (정부초청장학생) recipients, and recipients of
the Chairman of Board of Directors Scholarship.
5. Planning and hosting of cultural activities for international students.

Units Name Position (Function) Telephone E-mail


  Prof. Myunghee AHN

Vice President for International Affairs +82-2-705-8603


Kangyong Timothy CHUNG

Director, Office of International Affairs

Exchanges & Collaboration Eun Young SUH International Program Officer
(North America & Latin America)
+82-2-705-7804 goabroad6
Seonmee KYE International Program Officer
(International Internship)
+82-2-705-7855 goabroad4
Wan Rai David CHO International Program Officer
(Asia, Africa and Oceania)
+82-2-705-8041 goabroad5
Shiin PARK

International Program Officer



Student & Faculty Services

Ji Hye Sophia PARK

International Program Officer(Inbound Exchange Program)

+82-2-705-8316 goabroad9
Minnie LEE

International Service Officer(Short-term programs, GKS exchange students, special inbound exchange programs)



Hyun Su KIM

 International Service Officer
(GKS International Students, cultural activities for exchange students)

+82-2-705-8311 goabroad3
Dowon KIM

 International Service Officer
(Visa, academic support, cultural activities for full-time international students)

+82-2-705-8118 goabroad11
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