Program Overview

Study Abroad (Direct-enrollment) Program for International Students


If students of international universities which have no exchange agreement with Sogang and students from partner universities that do not come through the exchange student program wish to take some courses, they can study at Sogang for one or two semesters. (1 year at most).
And it would be permitted to the extent that this does not hinder Sogang students' study.
Study Abroad (Direct-enrollment) students must have completed at least 2 semesters at their home university(must be four year university), and must meet the same qualifications as Sogang students.

   - Admission of a Study Abroad (Direct-enrollment) student depends greatly on the
     submitted documents.
   - Study Abroad (Direct-enrollment) students should register during the registration term
     each semester.
   - Study Abroad (Direct-enrollment) students may take up to 15 credits for
     Spring/Fall Semester(to 6 credits for Summer/Winter Semester).
   - The tuition for visiting students will be separately decided by their major.

 1. Period of Classes
(1) Spring / Fall Semester
Spring semester: Beginning of March ~ Around June 20
Fall semester: Beginning of September ~ Around December 20

(2) Summer / Winter Semester
Summer semester: 3 ~ 5 weeks from around June 20
Winter semester: 3 ~ 5 weeks from Around December 20

 2. Tuition

(1) Spring / Fall Semester
The tuition rate for the semester will be charged based on the major at the home institution 

*Please be aware that it may change without prior notice.

  ▶ Undergraduate Tuition
     - Humanities, Social Sciences, Communication, Economics, Business major : KRW 3,607,000
     - Natural Sciences major : KRW 4,218,000
     - Engineering major : KRW 4,713,000 

     - Global Korean Studies : KRW 3,831,000

     - Art& Technology : KRW 4,434,000

   ▶ The Graduate School Tuition
     - Humanities, Social Sciences, Economics major KRW 4,789,000
     - Natural Sciences major KRW 5,823,000
     - Engineering major KRW 6,676,000
      ※ Deadline for tuition payment
     - Spring Semester : End of February
     - Fall Semester : End of August

(2) Summer / Winter Semester
The tuition rate is KRW 200,000 per credit 
※ Deadline for tuition payment
  - Summer Semester : the first week of June
  - Winter Semester : the first week of December

 3. Course Registration

(1) Course Registration Period
   1) Spring / Fall Semester
      - January for Spring Semester
      - July for Fall Semester
      * Course List for Spring semester will be available in December.
      * Course List for Fall semester will be available in July.
   2) Summer / Winter Semester
      - May  for Summer Semester
      - November  for Winter Semester
      * Course List for Summer semester will be available on the first week of May.
      * Course List for Fall semester will be available on the first week of November.
(2) Course Registration Process
   1) Check the list of courses
     * School website(
click here) - Academics - Undergraduate Programs
     - Courses Offered (
click here
   2) Check the list of courses offered in English. (Courses offered in English vary each semester)
   3) Make sure that you have gone through the necessary steps at your home institution for
       the approval of courses before completing the course registration.
   4) Course registration for Direct-enrollment students will be completed after the application procedure is finished. Students will get information by email individually.

   5) Studt Abroad (Direct-enrollment) students may take up to 15 credits for Spring/Fall
       Semester (to 6 credits for Summer/Winter Semester).
   6) There will be an add/drop period in the first week of the semester to make course changes.


 4. Application period

(1) Spring / Fall Semester
   - November 10- December 10 for Spring Semester
   - May 10 - June 10 for Fall Semester

(2) Summer / Winter Semester
   - April 10-20  for Summer Semester
   - October 10-20  for Winter Semester

※Application schedules may change. Please check the application annoucement at Notice.

 5. Required Documents

1) Completed Application Form (online)
    * Applicants should download and complete the Application for Admission.
    * Applicants need to submit the application form with the courses that they wish to take.
2) Official Transcript
    * Applicants should submit an official transcript of entire grades from the most recently
       attended university.
3) Letter of Recommendation
    * A letter of recommendation from academic faculty is required.
4) 1 ID Photo

    * The photos will be used for the Student ID Card.
5) Copy of Passport
6) Completed Dormitory Application Form (online
    * Students who wish to stay in the dormitory should download and complete the
       Dormitory Application Form.
    * Depending on the availability of room, you may or may not be admitted to Gonzaga
7) Health Report Form

    * Students who wish to stay in the dormitory should download and complete the Dormitory
       Health Report Form.
8) Insurance
    * Insurance is required for international students studying in Korea. We advise you to apply
       for insurance in your home country before you come, but applying for insurance in
       Korea is also possible.

* Student can only apply after approval. Please email to goabroad8@sogang.ac.kr to get an approval.

 6. Application Process: online

(1) Send required information to OIA by email(goabroad8@sogang.ac.kr)

(2) OIA creates an ID

(3) Log-in with the ID and apply through online system

Details of application process will be announced at the Notice board.

 7. Tuition Payment Process
(1) Payment Method: Woori Bank ATM or Internet banking (after arrival)
(2) Print the tuition bill from the SAINT Portal System (
https://saint.sogang.ac.kr )
    ※ detailed information will be sent out to applicants by email)
(3) Deadline to print tuition bill and make payment
(4) If applicants do not pay the tuition within the deadline, registered courses
    will automatically be cancelled.

 8. Other

(1) Courses which have less than 15 students enrolled may be cancelled.
(2) To add/change courses, student should receive approval from the professor of the course on the course change form, and submit the form to Office of International Affairs by the course change deadline every semester. Course change form will be handed out on the orientation.

(3) To drop courses after the semester starts, the student should fill out the course drop form and submit to OIA. Student can collect the form from OIA.

(4) If absences exceed 1/8 of the total course hours, the grade for the course becomes an FA

* If you have any queries regarding Study Abroad Program, please contact us at goabroad8@sogang.ac.kr.


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