Transcript and Certificate

After the end of the semester, Sogang University will send two academic transcripts to your home university officer - one is for your home university and the other is for yourself.
If you have taken Korean Language program at Sogang University, a separate transcript for Korean Language program will be sent to your home university along with the academic transcripts.

Your home university will be able to receive your transcript
(1) Spring semester - around the beginning of August
(2) Fall semester - around the beginning of February

If you need additional transcripts, please email us at goabroad@sogang.ac.kr. We will forward your email to "One Stop Service Station" at Sogang University, which will explain in detail how you can wire transfer postal charges and when you can receive the transcript after the payment.

While you are at Sogang University, if you need to have a certificate, such as a certificate of enrollment, issued for personal reasons, please visit the "One Stop Service Station" located at #106 Administration Building. Certificate issuance fee is KRW 500 for each certificate.

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