Academic Courses

 Full Time Study and Credits per Semester
To be a full-time student at Sogang University, exchange students must take a minimum of 9 credits to a maximum of 15 credits per semester, including the Korean Language Program.
Students taking the intensive Korean langauge course (12 credits) must register for at least one regular course from the University in addition to language course to maintain their staus as exchange students.

 Course Registration
Course registration will be done online through Sogang's SAINT Portal system prior to departure. Online course registration usually takes place in January for Spring semester and in July for Fall semester. Dates for course registration will be announced later. There will also be a course revision period where students can change their courses when the semester begins.

 Course Offerings

Courses are offered in both Korean and English (about 25-30% of all courses are offered in English)


Course list is available in the above website 2 months before the semester starts.

① Undergraduate students can only take undergraduate courses.
    (no Graduate, Graduate School of International Studies(GSIS) or MBA courses allowed)
② Graduate students can take Undergraduate, Graduate, Graduate School of International Studies
    (GSIS) and MBA courses. (Please check with your home university whether undergraduate courses
    will be approved)
③ Graduate Students who wish to take courses at the Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS)
    and MBA must go through the appropriate application process during the first week of the semester.
    No courses will be registered until each graduate student gets written approval from the GSIS or MBA professors at Sogang University at the start of the semester.

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