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제목 Office Closure Notice(7.27 -7.29)
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Office Closure Notice

To comply with the government's effort to conserve energy during su- mmer, most offices at Sogang University, including the Office of Internatio-

nal Affairs, will be closed from July 25th (Mon.) to July 29th (Fri.). Thank you for your understanding.

Period of Office Closure: July 27th (Mon.) to July 29th (Fri.)

Closed Offices: Most administrative offices (except those below)

Open Offices: Labs, Reading room in Loyola Library, Reading room in K Hall, One Stop

Service Station (A Building #106), Computer Lab (AS105), Post Office (BW Hall),

Mail room (BW Hall), Dormitories, and Thomas More Hall.

Contact Number in Case of Emergency:

(1) ADT CAPS: 02-705-8144 (security)

(2) Office of Property and Facilities: 02-705-8113 (air conditioning)



Office of International Affairs


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