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제목 2018 Spring Semester Direct-enrollment Program for International Students
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2018 Spring Semester Direct-enrollment Program for International Students



  1. Eligibility for direct-enrollment: Only student who has completed at least two semesters at home institution (offering bachelor’s degree) can apply.
  2. Application deadline: ~2017.12.15 (Fri)  5:00pm (Korean time)

All documents must be uploaded by the deadline.
  3. Application process: email
Online application system


 Send required information         OIA creates an account               Log-in with the login information OIA

         to OIA by email                                                                   provides and apply through online system 


1) Required information (*Required information has to be sent to goabroad8@sogang.ac.kr)

   a. name of student: Surname, Givenname

   b. semester you wish to apply for (ex. 2018 Spring)

     c. name of home university

     d. number of semesters you have attended at your home university

     e. phone number

     f. email address

2) OIA will create an ID for online application system and announce back to applicant by email

3) Log-in with created ID on the online application page and upload required documents

 Online application page: http://goabroadoia.sogang.ac.kr/index.do
  4. Application materials

Please upload all the documents listed below to online application
    1) Application (online)
    2) Official academic transcript from home institution
    3) 1 recommendation letter from a faculty member at home institution
    4) ID Picture (in JPG file, passport size)
    5) Copy of Passport
    6) Insurance Policy which covers whole period of your stay in Korea


If you wish to stay in Gonzaga dormitory, please upload below documents:
    7) Dormitory Application (scan and upload)

8) Health Report Form 

   5. Tuition fee (as of 2017)
-subject to changes





Social Sciences




Natural Sciences





Global Korean Studies



Art & Technology



1) Payment period: Student will be asked to pay tuition fee in Korean won upon arrival.

2) Payment method:

   Print the tuition bill from the SAINT Portal System and pay at Woori bank ATM or Internet banking.

    3) If applicant does not pay the tuition within the deadline, registered courses will automatically be cancelled.

   * Details will be sent out to applicants by email.

  6. Important dates for 2018 Spring semester


Course Registration

Mid January~ February

Classes Begin

March 2nd

Course Change

March 5th~8th

Course Drop

~March 28th


April 23rd ~ 28th


June 15th ~ 21st 


  7. Course Registration

1) Course registration period will be announced later. 

2) Please note that Study abroad students can take up to 15 credits for spring semester.

3) Course list for 2018 Spring will be available around mid-January.

4) Course list: http://sis109.sogang.ac.kr/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/zcmw9016?sap-language=EN

  8. Others
    1) Courses which have less than 15 students enrolled may be cancelled.

2) If absences exceed 1/8 of the total course hours, the grade for the course becomes an FA (Failure

because of Absences).

3) To add/change courses, student should receive approval from the professor of the course on the course

change form, and submit the form to Office of International Affairs by March 8th. Course change form will

be handed out on the orientation.

4) To drop courses students should complete the course drop form which is available at the Office of

International Affairs and submit it to OIA by March 28th.

5) Official Transcripts will be sent directly to home institution around the end of July 2018. If extra

copies of the transcripts are needed, please apply through the One stop service center.
9. Contact
Office of International Affairs

Ms. Sujin Bahn

TEL: +82)2-705-8048, E-mail: goabroad8@sogang.ac.kr




Sogang University

Office of International Affairs


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