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The 18th Seoul Global Internship Recruitment Notice



Internship Overview:


Period: Jul 4 2016 (Mon) ~Aug 22 2016 (Tue), 7 weeks, 35 days

Number of Recruits : 26 people

Current Openings: refer to the attached document (application form)



Foreign undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in universities located in Seoul (exchange students are also eligible to apply)

- Period of sojourn (visa) must be valid until August 22nd2016

Working Hours : Mon.~Fri. from 09:00 to 16:00(1hr. lunch break) 

Wage(including stipend for transportation, food, etc.) : 37,200 won per day 

Major event: Orientation(7.4), Seoul Field Trip(7.15), Volunteer Activity(7.29) Closing Ceremony(8.22)

** The above schedule are subject to change without prior notice



Application and Selection Date:


Document Screening:

- Application deadline: May 30, 9am


Required Documents:

·         -Application form1 and 2 (compulsory)

·         -Certificate of enrollment ( please get it from the one-stop service at 500won)

·        - Academic transcript enrolled in Korean Uni (Compulsory )- (from the one stop service) or if you do not have a transcript from Sogang, a transcript from your home university

·         -TOPIK score (Optional)


Period: June 7 (Tue) – June 14 (Tue)

Process: selected candidates will each visit the respective divisions) departments on a scheduled day


Final Result Announcement:June 16 (by email and mobile message).



Submit to the OIA office in person with the printed copies.


Applicants that have passed the final round will be informed individually by email and mobile message. Interns may not be selected if there are no applicants qualified for a specific division or dept.

Enquiry: goabroad9@sogang.ac.kr or visit the office


Please look into the attached file : Recruiting Divisions List for the list of departments

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