QU: How long does the visa process take?
ANS: Visa process for E-1 and E-3 visa may take up to a month and a half. However, visa process for E-2 visa takes much longer than that of E-1 and E-3 visa, and may take several months to get the required documents ready. Since visa process takes a considerable amount of time, please prepare the documents as soon as you are notified. For more information, refer to "International Service" - "Visa" on our English website.

 QU: Must I send my color ID photos with the white background?
ANS: Yes, you must send your color ID photos with the white background. The Immigration Office does not accept ID photos if the background is not white. If you send ID photos with dark backgrounds, you will be asked to send new ID photos with white backgrounds and this will unnecessarily delay the visa process.

 QU: When should I apply for Foreigner Registration? What are the required documents?
ANS: According to the Immigration Law, you can apply for Foreigner Registration within 90 days from the day of your arrival in Korea. However, it is strongly advised that you apply for Foreigner Registration immediately after your arrival in Korea. This is because you need Foreigner Registration for applying for most services in Korea, including National Health Insurance, which is a legal obligation of all employees. You need to submit a photocopy of your Foreigner Registration Card to the Office of International Affairs (J Hall, #402) immediately after the card is issued. For information on required documents, please refer to "International Service" - "Foreigner Registration" on our English website.

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