QU: Does Sogang go by semesters or terms?
ANS: The academic year at Sogang is composed of two semesters: Spring Semester(1st semester) is from March to June and Fall Semester(2nd semester) is from September to December. For more information, please refer to "Academics"-"Academic Calendar" on our English website.

 QU: How can I participate in your program (non-degree program) as an exchange student or visiting student?
ANS: In order to participate in the exchange student program, the home university must be a partner university to Sogang. Yet, taking classes at Sogang as a visiting student is possible in other cases if you have completed at least one year at a four year institution. For an application to Sogang, please refer to the 'Exchange Program' menu on the website of the Office of International Affairs.

 QU: Is it possible to apply directly to Sogang to participate in the Exchange Student Program?
ANS: No, students must apply to the exchange student program through the Study Abroad/International Office at their home institutions.

 QU: What is the deadline for Exchange/Visiting Student Program?
ANS: - Spring Semester: November 10 / - Fall Semester: May 10

 QU: Are there courses offered in English?
ANS: More than 30% of the total number of courses offered at undergraduate program at Sogang is offered in English. 100% of the courses offered at the Graduate School of International Studies and most courses offered at Sogang Business School (Graduate Programs) are in English.

 QU: Is it possible for undergraduate students to take graduate courses?
ANS: Unfortunately,according to the academic rules at Sogang University, all undergraduate students including exchange students cannot take graduate courses even if students are academically competent. However, graduate students can take both undergraduate and graduate courses on the condition that credits earned atundergraduate program will be approved by home university.

 QU:Is there a way to modify my course registration at the beginning of the semester?
ANS: Yes, you can add or drop courses during the first week of the semester. To add a course, you must get a written approval from the professor and submit the Course Change Form to the Office of International Affairs(OIA). To drop a course during the add/drop period, you need to submit the Course Change Form to the OIA (no written approval from the professor required).

Note that you can add courses only during the add/drop period. After the period, adding courses is impossible. However, you can drop courses until around the third week of the semester if you submit a written approval from the professor to the OIA.

 QU:How can I transfer my credits earned at Sogang to my home university?
ANS: Before you come to study at Sogang, make sure that you will be able to get the credits received at Sogang approved by your home university. Afterthe end of each semester, the Office of International Affairs will send official transcripts to your home university. (Spring semester- around August, Fall semester- around February). It is recommended that you keep the class syllabifor transfer of your credits earned at Sogang.

 QU:How can I participate in the Korean Language Program at Sogang? Can I receive credits for the course?
ANS: As an exchange student, you can apply to the Korean Language Program offered by the Korean Language Education Center at Sogang. Exchange students majoring in Korean Language or Korean Studies are eligible to take the Afternoon courses and receive 12 credits. Exchange students whose major is other than Korean Language or Korean Studies are eligible to take the Evening courses only and receive 3 credits. For more information, please visit the Korean Language Education Center website at https://klec.sogang.ac.kr/

 QU: I want to study as an undergraduate or graduate student (degree program) at Sogang. What is the procedure?
ANS: International students hoping to study at Sogang as undergraduate or graduate students should contact the relevant Admissions Office, as follows:
Undergraduate Program (email): lovesogang@sogang.ac.kr
Graduate Program (email): gradsch@sogang.ac.kr
Graduate School of International Studies (email): gsis@sogang.ac.kr
Sogang Business School(Graduate Programs (email): gsbu@sogang.ac.kr

For undergraduate and graduate courses, Korean language proficiency is compulsory, however all the GSIS courses are offered in English.

 QU: I would like to know more about the dormitory.
ANS: To secure a dormitory room, exchange students must submit Dormitory Application to the Office of International Affairs by the due dates, which will be announced each semester. Due to limited space of the dormitory, once the application period is over, securing a dormitory room is impossible. Make sure to meet the application deadline. For more information, please refer to our English website, "International Service"-"Housing".

 QU: Is health insurance required during the period of study at Sogang?
ANS: Yes, you must have health insurance coverage for the duration of your study at Sogang.Exchange students must submit a proof of health insurance to the Office of International Affairs.

 QU: What is the estimated cost of living in Seoul?
ANS: The total differs according to the individual but the estimated cost is as follows. (Estimate for 4 months)

Estimated Living Expenses (for 4 months)
Category Amount (USD)
Housing $1,650
Meals $250-$600
On-campus: $2-$3 per meal
Off-campus: $5 and higher per meal
Books $200-$300
Transportation $150-$300
(about $1 per ride with free transfers between buses and subways)
Alien Registration Card $10
Health insurance $50
Other $200-$300
Total (Estimate) $2,500-$3,200

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