I heartily welcome your visit to the Department of History.


The Department takes pride in its about 50 years of tradition. As you know, the Department of History at Sogang has served as the backbone of historical studies in Korea by the famous faculty, research and education. Our department offers course work at the undergraduate and graduate level in a large number of fields and includes eleven full-time faculty members who teach the history of every corner of the world. The major fields of study in our department consist of three divisions, Korean history, East Asian history and Western history. For undergraduate students, we ask students to complete all of three fields equally.


Many people think that history is an outdated learning dealing with facts of the past, and that it is far from practical and functional studies. History widens intellectual horizons by taking us outside our own time and place, helping us to appreciate and learn from other people’s experiences. Above all, history courses teach us to challenge our own assumptions by showing us how much of what we take for granted has been the product of past conflict and compromise. There is no better way to understand our world than to study how we got here.


I hope you join our studies that connect the past and the present.


Thank you.

2016. 03

Dean, Department of History

Kye, Seung Bum


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