Field Course NO. Course Cr Syllabus History
HIS2001 What is History 3 view view
HIS2002 Historical Understanding of
Contemporary World
3   view
HIS2003 History of Korea 3 view view
HIS2004 History of East Asia 3   view
HIS2005 History of Western Civilization 3 view view
HIS3001 Ancient Korea 3 view view
HIS3002 The Koryo Dynasty 3 view view
HIS3003 The Chosun Dynasty 3 view view
HIS3004 Modern History of Korea 3 view view
HIS3005 Contemporary History of Korea 3   view
HIS3039 Classical Bibliography of Korean
3 view view
HIS3040 Korean Cultural History 3   view
HIS3041 History of Korean Thought 3   view
HIS3042 Political History of Korea 3 view view
HIS3043 Socio-economic History of Korea 3 view view
HIS3044 History of Systems in Korea 3   view
HIS3045 Social History of Korea 3   view
HIS3046 History of Korea-China
3 view view
HIS3047 History of Korean-Japanese
3   view
HIS3048 History of Korea-the United States
HIS3049 History of the Korean
Independence Movement
HIS3050 History of Korean Arts 3   view
HIS3051 Korean Archeology 3    
HIS3052 Korean Epigraphy 3 view view
HIS3053 History of Korean Women 3   view
East Asian
HIS3006 Ancient China 3 view view
HIS3007 Medieval China 3 view view
HIS3008 China in Early Modern Times 3 view view
HIS3009 Reforms and Revolutions in China 3   view
HIS3010 Asia after World War Ⅱ 3   view
HIS3011 Japan in the Age of Tradition 3    
HIS3012 The Making of Modern Japan 3 view view
HIS3013 Contemporary Japan 3 view view
HIS3014 A Survey of Japanese History 3   view
HIS3015 The Liao-tung(遼東) History 3 view  
HIS3016 History and Culture of India 3    
HIS3017 History and Culture of Muslim 3    
HIS3018 History and Culture of Southeast Asia 3    
HIS3019 History and Culture of Nomadic
HIS3054 Chinese Historiography 3 view view
HIS3055 Chinese Cultural History 3 view view
HIS3056 History of Chinese Thought 3   view
HIS3057 Socio-economic History of China 3   view
HIS3058 East and West Relationship 3 view view
HIS3059 History of Japanese Thought 3    
HIS3060 East Asian World Order 3   view
HIS3021 A Survey of Greek and Roman
3   view
HIS3022 The Middle Ages in European
3   view
HIS3023 The Renaissance and the
3   view
HIS3024 The Age of Absolutism and
3   view
HIS3025 The Age of the French Revolution
and Napoleon
3   view
HIS3026 The Age of Nationalism and
3   view
HIS3027 History of World War Ⅰ and World
War Ⅱ
3 view view
HIS3028 The Contemporary World 3   view
HIS3029 World History of the Twentieth
3   view
HIS3030 A Survey of British History 3 view view
HIS3031 A Survey of German History 3 view view
HIS3032 History of France 3   view
HIS3033 History of Russian Revolution 3 view view
HIS3034 History of Soviet Union 3 view view
HIS3035 Introduction to Eastern Europe
3   view
HIS3036 History of European Integration 3    
HIS3037 A History of the United StatesⅠ 3   view
HIS3038 A History of the United StatesⅡ 3   view
HIS3061 Historiography of the West 3    
HIS3062 History of Western Culture 3    
HIS3063 History of Western Economies 3    
HIS3064 Western Intellectual HistoryⅠ 3   view
HIS3065 Western Intellectual HistoryⅡ 3   view
HIS3066 Gender and History 3    
HIS3067 Defining America 3   view
HIS3068 Intellectual & Culture History of the
3   view
HIS3069 Intellectual & Culture History of the
3   view
HIS3020 History of Oriental Civilization 3    
HIS4001 Topics in Korean HistoryⅠ 3   view
HIS4002 Topics in Korean HistoryⅡ 3   view
HIS4003 Topics in Korean HistoryⅢ 3   view
HIS4004 Topics in Korean HistoryⅣ 3   view
HIS4005 Original Texts of Korean HistoryⅠ 3    
HIS4006 Original Texts of Korean HistoryⅡ 3    
HIS4007 Original Texts of Korean HistoryⅢ 3    
HIS4008 Topics in Asian HistoryⅠ 3   view
HIS4009 Topics in Asian HistoryⅡ 3   view
HIS4010 Original Texts of Asian HistoryⅠ 3    
HIS4011 Original Texts of Asian HistoryⅡ 3    
HIS4012 Topics in Western HistoryⅠ 3   view
HIS4013 Topics in Western HistoryⅡ 3   view
HIS4014 Topics in Western HistoryⅢ 3   view
HIS4015 Topics in U.S. HistoryⅠ 3   view
HIS4016 Topics in U.S. HistoryⅡ 3   view
HIS4017 Readings in Western HistoryⅠ 3    
HIS4018 Readings in Western HistoryⅡ 3    
HIS4019 The Historical Scholarship and
Students’ Career Paths
HIS4020   3    
HIS4021 Practical Exercise at the Museum 3    
HIS4022 Cultural Property and Tourism 3    
HIS3070 Exploration of Historic SceneⅠ 1    
HIS3071 Exploration of Historic SceneⅡ 1    
HIS3072 Exploration of Historic SceneⅢ 1    
HIS4028 Introduction to History 3    
HIS4029 Special Seminar on History 3    
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