Program Overview

Goals and Objectives

Many people think that history is an outdated studies witch deals with facts of the past, and that it is far from practical and functional studies. History, however, provides us with an understanding the deep connection the past and the present. It is also a pragmatic scholarship in which the prediction of future, the diagnosis of present by analyzing past.

The study of history is a bridge that connects the present and the past. Students who study the history major have to pursue instructions by seeking meanings of history. They must avoid perceiving the past as facts, which not related with the present.

The History Department aims for instructing students to acquire historical knowledge and build their historical view. Thus students can explain processes of history and understand directions of cultural development. Our purpose is a

The primary goal is to research the past and gain knowledge of every aspect of human interaction: social life, economy, culture, philosophy, and politics. The second goal is to gain historical consciousness and insight and develop skills to respond to future social changes. Finally, the third goal is to develop skills to respond to future social changes and how to think creatively and actively.

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