The history major divides into three paths.
  ·Multi-major degree: Students who make a choice the history major and another major have to choose a path for Multi-major degree.
  ·Enriched degree: Students who want to enter a graduate school after their graduation have to choose a path for Enriched degree.
  ·Career-oriented degree: Students who find employments after graduation have to choose a path for Career-oriented degree.

  Major courses divide into four branches.
  ·Primary major courses
  ·General major courses
  ·Enriched major courses
  ·Career-oriented courses

  Total credit requirements for degree of the history major are as follow. You have to check again total credit requirements for degree on homepage.
  ·Multi-major degree: more than 36 cr.
  ·Enriched degree: more than 48 cr.
  ·Career-oriented degree: more than 48 cr.
  ·Teacher Training Program: more than 42 cr.

  ·001 What is History [a required course] (3 cr.)
  ·Choose 3 courses: 002 Historical Understanding of Contemporary World, 021(old 005) History of Korea, 031(old 022) History of East Asia, 041(old 065) History of Western Civilization (9 cr.)

  Exception required courses, students who choose a path for Multi-major degree have to complete more than 18 credits, paths for Enriched courses and Career-oriented courses have to complete more than 30 credits, and students who choose Teacher Training Program must complete more than 24 credits as Electives

   All students are recommended to complete more than 6 credits in each division, such as Korean History, East Asian History, and Western History, when students complete their General major courses.

   If students want to take lectures of a graduate school, a CGPA of 3.0 is necessary. These students can attend two lectures of a graduate school with a head of college department’s approval and a head of graduate school department’s permission. Theses credits are admitted credits of a graduate school if students matriculate in a graduate school of Sogang University.

  Multi-major degree Enriched degree Career-oriented degree Teacher Training
Primary major
12cr. 12cr. 12cr. 12cr.
General major
24cr. 24cr. 24cr. 30cr.
Enriched major
    12cr. 6cr.
Total credits 36cr. 48cr. 48cr. 42cr.

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