Program Overview

Goals and Objectives

01 The idea and purpose of education

The Department of Korean Language & Literature at Sogang University seeks truth in accordance with the idea and purpose of the education of Sogang, and aims at the education for the whole man who has love and trust. We have a goal of cultivating talented men contributing to the development of society and humankind.


02 Goals of education

The Department of Korean Language and Literature at Sogang University aims at superiority in educational quality, and at the education having both breadth and depth in knowledge. We also emphasize examining universality and specificity. Moreover, we attach importance to the education conducive to practicality, the education satisfying the need of the era and society, and the education aiming at globalization.

Specific goals for fulfilling the above statements are as follows:

1. Investigation of general theory of language and literature.
2. Clear understanding of the historical flow and tradition of the Korean language and Korean literature
3. Accumulation of systematic and deep knowledge about the Korean language and Korean literature.
4. Diversified investigation of the relation between Korean literature and its closely-related disciplines.
5. Understanding culture with language and literature.
6. Investigation of a new position of the Korean language and Korean literature in multimedia environments.
7. Aiming at current worldwide use of the works of Korean literature.

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