Checklist for Degree Requirements

1. Checklist of Requirements

This page is a checklist of requirements that students can check their degree requirements. Please read explanations, and check your degree requirements.

2. Forming out checklist of requirements

1) Choosing your path: Click your path. A pop-up pane of your path appears.
2) Checking your major courses: Mark on your checklist box in a right-hand pane by checking your grade sheet.
3) Printing out checklist of requirements: After you finish checking a list, please check again and print out.
4) Meeting with academic planning advisor: You have to visit your academic planning advisor. Please check your meeting date on a notice board.
5) Rechecking degree requirements: Recheck your degree requirements.

3. Which path do you choose? Please click on tables.

If you click on tables, you can see checklists of requirements. Click your courses after appearing a pop-up pane, and print out.

Checking my checklist of requirements

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