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Welcome to the Department of Life Sciences at Sogang University. Our mission is to conduct high-impact research that will expand the foundation of scientific knowledge and its application to society as well as to train the next generation of scientists for these pursuits. We also have endeavored to make proactive and innovative improvements to both graduate and undergraduate education, which have been regarded as exemplary in biology education in Korea.

The life sciences have been an integral part of Sogang University since its inception in February of 1960. In April of that year the first Genetics class was offered and three years later, in March 1963, the Department of Biology was officially established. Since 1993, we have been called the Department of Life Science and have now grown to 16 current professors with 18 post-doctoral fellows, 70 graduate students (both Master and Ph.D. programs), and 175 undergraduate students (as of 2013). In 2013, we celebrated our Golden jubilee (the 50th year) with thousands of alumni and students.

Faculty in our department have diverse research interests that we may categorize into three general groups: Microbiology (Virology, Bacteriology, and Protistology), Plant Biology (Molecular and Cellular Biology, and Plant Genetics), and Animal Biology (Immunology, Neurobiology, Developmental biology, Cell Signaling, Cancer, and Stem Cells). A priority within the Department has been to establish a strong, collaborative atmospheres which we believe fuels the superior quality of both research and education. From this basis, strong inter-departmental and multi-disciplinary researches and advancements have additionally followed. Consequently, our students, staff, faculty, and alumni have been pioneers in extending boundaries of knowledge in science, education, health, business, and more.

The Department of Life Sciences at Sogang University is an exciting place to be. We now have over 50 years of experience and believe that our research and education will continue to contribute to society for another century and more.

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Chair of the Department of Life Sciences

Kyu-Ho Lee, Ph.D.

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