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 SIAS Supper Club: Frozen River  2017.11.14 
 SIAS Supper Club: Moonlight  2017.11.01 
 SIAS Supper Club: The Truman Show  2017.11.01 
 From "Reel Indians" to "Redskins": Ameri...  2017.09.07 
  "Worlds of Difference: Race, Ethnicity,...  2017.05.12 


"Southerners Defending Slavery: A Workshop"
The ACC TV Club
"From the Mystic's Cup: The Early History of Coffee on and around the Arabian Peninsula"
3rd Diplomatic Roundtable
“A Tale of Two Origins: MSG, Umami, and the Inscrutable Chinese Restaurant Symdrome"
The ACC Supper Club
International Cultural Exchange: HEC Montréal
2nd Diplomatic Roundtable
"The Fighting Irish: The Irish Emigrant Influence on America"
[A Cultural Tour of the U.S.A.1] Chesapeake Bay Memories
Bluegrass Event
"Jewish-Americans: Life 'On the Hyphen' in a Contemporary Jewish Diaspora"
[A Cultural Tour of the U.S.A.2] Digital California: Big Data Goes Big Brother in Silicon Valley
SPARK Reading Scheme
Making Sense of K-POP in the Global Virtual Community
ACLS 6-3
ASAK 2015 Undergraduate Workshop
Southerners Defending Slavery A Workshop
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