제목 Fall 2015 Sogang English 8th Graduate Conference CFP
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The Graduate Conference will be held this semester on Saturday, Dec. 19 and will be followed by an end-of-the-semester & Christmas party. Every graduate student is encouraged to participate as a presenter. Papers can be part of a research paper, thesis proposal, or thesis chapter. 


Please submit the full paper by Friday, Dec. 11th

Or, Students can also submit an abstract (250 words max.) by Friday, Dec. 5th. Once their paper can be considered, the finished paper MUST be submitted by Monday, December 14th, at 5.00 p.m. 


Please note, students are asked to limit their papers to 5 pages allowing 18-20 minutes reading time, and send abstracts and papers to Prof. Hantke via email (steffenhantke@gmail.com).


Should you have any inquiries, please contact Prof. Hantke.

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