제목 “From the Mystic’s Cup: The Early History of Coffee on and around the Arabian Peninsula” (Prof. Nancy Um)
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·         강연제목: “From the Mystic's Cup: The Early History of Coffee on and around the Arabian Peninsula”



·         특강 연사: Nancy Um (SUNY)


Nancy Um is an associate professor in the Department of Art History at Binghamton University of the State University of New York. Her research examines the visual culture and built environments of trading communities around the western Indian Ocean rim in the early modern period. Her book The Merchant Houses of Mocha: Trade and Architecture in an Indian Ocean Port explores the question of how maritime trade saturated the visual and built world of 17th and 18th C Yemen, with a focus on the Red Sea port city of Mocha. She is currently completing a book-length study, tentatively entitled, Shipped but not Sold: Material Culture and the Social Order of Trade during Yemen’s Age of Coffee, which explores the materially-oriented routines and social practices that wholesale merchants participated in as requisite rites of commercial initiation or to sustain their trading privileges in early modern Yemen. She has conducted field and archival research in Turkey, Yemen, the Netherlands, and England, and is the recipient of a number of research fellowships, including those from the Fulbright program, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Getty Foundation, and the American Institute for Yemeni Studies.



·         어디서: 정하상관 311



·         언제: 525 (), 늦은 6:00~7:15



·         주최: 미국문화전공



·         문의: 영문과 사무실 (02-705-8290)



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