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Six of our undergraduate students presented at the ASAK 2015 Undergraduate Workshop and two of our graduate students served as discussants. While one of our students won the top award, we are very proud of all of our students!

We are particularly proud of our students for:

(1) Being proactive and courageous and deciding to participate in this event as Sogang representatives;
(2) Choosing to do presentations that build upon what you have learned in classes but do not simply recycle previous classwork;
(3) Performing research to further develop your ideas and exploring your initial questions both broadly and deeply;
(4) Demonstrating a sound understanding of the difference between a good written paper and an effective presentation, and showing excellence in both;
(5) Showing a true interdisciplinary American Studies approach to your projects;
(6) Aiding students with their presentations by giving both good focal recaps and thought-provoking questions that help the audience understand the presentations better as well as the presenters to further develop and articulate their ideas;
(7) Being supportive of your fellow students.
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