Welcome your visit to our philosophy department!

Welcome your visit to our philosophy department!
As the saying ‘all roads lead to Rome’ suggests, all academic disciplines can be said to lead to philosophy. This is because while any discipline but philosophy concerns the specific features of the world, philosophy concerns the world itself. Any discipline, if it starts to ask an ultimate meaning, becomes philosophy and any forms of life, if it seeks for an ultimate meaning, become philosophy.
If you are interested in philosophy, you are probably faced with some ultimate and fundamental questions such as the ultimate ground of this universe and the meanings of life, of death, of the good and the bad, of the God, of language, of thought, of matter, of knowledge and of existence etc.. In this regard, philosophy is a discipline which asks the fundamental questions about the world and our lives.
In our philosophy department, we will search for the rational ways to deal with those ultimate questions. However, unless those questions will be internalized, they couldn’t play any roles in leading our lives. Then, how should we approach those questions? First of all, we should love all around us, that is, the world. In other words, attention should be made to the things around us. Only after this attempt, while you and the world become distinct, the desire to come to know the meaning of your life through the ultimate questions becomes emergent naturally. I hope our department would give you the chance to make your lives more meaningful by being exposed to those above ultimate questions about the universe and our lives.

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