Major Fields

01) Features & Options

Since our department has eight faculty members who cover the overall range of philosophy including Asian philosophy, our students have chance to be exposed to diverse fields of philosophy without prejudice. We also encourage students’ independent thinking. We believe that knowledge and free thinking should be combined to produce concrete and real knowledge. Under this climate of our department, our graduates have been distinguished themselves in such various fields of work as play, movie, music, the press, publication and academy etc. which would need creativity as well as individuality.


02) Career Planning

Since philosophy is the basis of all academic disciplines, graduates of our departments have had opportunities to get employed in such diverse fields of work as public institutions, education, corporate, the press, broadcast and the financial world etc.. Throughout our histories of 40 years, our graduates have distinguished themselves in those diverse fields of work, among which the success in the fields of play and movie has been very remarkable.

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