Admission for Graduate School 

1. Program
Master and Doctoral programs are offered. Please note that three main specialized research areas are

  • Pure theoretical physics: Quantum Field Theory, String Theory, Quantum Gravity, Quantum Information
  • >Condensed Matter Physics: Superconductors, Magnetic Materials, Thin films, Semiconductors, Spectroscopy
  • >Optics and Biophysics: Quantum Optics. X-ray optics, Microwave physics, Quantum Chaos, Soft matter physics, Spectroscopy
2. Admission Requirements
For applicant with Korean language proficiency must be one of the followings.
Either a foreign national whose parents also have foreign nationality or anyone, irrespective of nationality who has completed all education courses, equivalent to primary, middle, high school, and university in a foreign country for more than 16 years.

3. Required documents
A. Master's and Combined Master's-Doctoral Degree Programs
① Completed application form
② Certificate of university graduation (or certified expected graduation form)
③ Official university transcripts
(applicants who transferred from one university to another or who did two majors must submit academic records of both universities or majors).
④ Study plan(free form)

B. Doctoral Degree Program 
① Completed application form
② Certificate of Master's degree (or certified expected degree form) and graduation certificate of undergraduate studies.
③ Official graduate and undergraduate transcripts
④ Study plan(free form)
⑤ Certificate of working experience or certificate of employment, if applicable.

C. Financial Documents to be supplied by successful applicants
① Certificate of the deposit balance by sponsor with a minimum of US$ 10,000 on deposit for at least one month or remittance certificate of US$ 10,000 to Korea or certificate of money exchange.
② Sponsor's certificate of employment or business registration (If sponsor is a Korea resident)
③ Sponsor's certificate of property tax payment (If sponsor is a Korea resident)

4. Screening
Selection will be made on the basis of an overall evaluation according to documents screening and interview results.

5. Application and Selection Procedure
[Spring, 2014 Admission]
All required documents specified above must be submitted to the Administration Office of the Graduate School before the deadline.

A. Application Period(2nd): TBA 
① Application must first be transmitted through the Internet.
② After the Internet application, the application form with two attached photographs must be mailed to the Administration Office of the Graduate School with other required application documents so that it arrives at the Graduate School Office no later than Nov. 20(Thu.), 2008.
③ This latter date is when applications are transmitted to the Administration Office of the Graduate School and if an applicant fails to send the required application documents to the office by that time no points for documents screening will be given.

B. Application Fee: 75,000 Won

C. Oral Interview Date: TBA 
(Overseas applicants wil be interviewed by telephone. In some cases, no interview will be required.)

D. Oral Interview Place: The rooms for oral interviews will be listed on the Graduate School web site one day before the oral interview date.

E. Announcement of Admission Result: TBA 

F. Registration Period: Not decided yet.

G. Registration Method: Bank transfer.

H. Spring Semester, 2014 begins: March 3, 2014

6. Other Notifications
① Applicants applying to a department that offers more than one major must write their intended major on the application form.
② If Applying for the programs provided in the Department of Religious Studies, applicants are expected to have majored or minored in religious studies at undergraduate/graduate school. Otherwise applicants must consult with the Chair of the Department of Religious Studies beforehand.
③ Foreign applicants, including those whose parents are ethnic Korean foreigners, must submit an official document which specifies their nationality, normally a copy of the applicant's passport.
④ Submitted application documents are not returned to the applicant and the application fee is not refundable.
⑤ Applicants must be present at the specified oral interview time.
⑥ Admission results will be announced on the Graduate School web site.

7. Tuition and Financial Assistance

A. Application fee: 70,000 Won(US$ 70)

B. Tuition for newly enrolled student for the year 2008
This amount is subject to change, and may be increased each year.

(Unit : Korean Won)
Academic Area Entrance Fee Tuition Other Expenses Total
Humanities and Social Science 940,000 4,316,000 15,000 5,271,000
Natural Science 940,000 5,061,000 15,000 6,016,000
Engineering 940,000 5,646,000 15,000 6,601,000

C. Financial Assistance
Sogang University Graduate School offers special financial aid to foreign students. The amount of financial assistance to foreign students shall be 80% of tuition.

8. Application for Visa Issuance to Foreigners 
A. Visa Status: D-2 (Student)

B. Visa application place: Korean Embassy or Consulate.
① Applicants living abroad
Prior to above Sogang University obtains a Certificate for Recognition of Visa Issuance, which is transmitted to the individual applicant.
② Applicants residing in Korea
Application for Visa is made by the applicant at a district or branch immigration office.

C. Application and Required documents
① Final academic record certificate.
② Standard admission letter: It will be issued to the admitted student.
③ Certificate of the deposit balance by sponsor with a minimum of US$ 10,000 on deposit for at least one month or remittance certificate of US$ 10,000 to Korea or certificate of money exchange.

* If necessary, the chief of a Korean Embassy or Consulate abroad and the chief of a district or branch immigration office may ask an applicant to submit additional documents in addition to the required documents listed above.

For more information
email: gradsch@sogang.ac.kr

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