Welcome to the homepage of the physics department of Sogang University!

The department of physics of Sogang University was founded in 1960 with the purpose of educating talented students to have a lofty sense of responsibility and highly creative mind. It is one of 6 departments (economy, history, mathematics, English literature, philosophy) which comprised the Sogang University when it was established. As of 2008 the personnel of physics department is composed of 15 professors, 57 graduate students, and 119 undergraduate students.

Sogang University developed into renowned private university rather quickly, in spite of its relatively short history, by the thoroughly managed curriculum and the quest for the excellence in studies for highly qualified students. The department of physics also started with very eminent faculty members and outstanding students at its beginning, followed a period of leap and stabilization, now it is facing a very creative period for continuous development.

“Small but strong” Sogang University has been producing a superior research outcome since 1980’s despite of rather inferior research supporting systems in that period. In particular, the department of physics has borne the largest number of research directors for the “Creative Research Initiative Center”. This fact clearly demonstrates the superiority of education and research of the department of physics.

Pure theoretical physics, condensed matter physics, and opto/bio physics are the specialized research area in the physics department. “Quantum Spacetime Research Center” whose director is Professor Bum-Hoon Lee is the cornerstone of the division of pure theoretical physics. The center is one of “Superior Research Center” which is one of the very prestigious research project supported by the Ministry of Education in Korea. “Quantum Chaos and Application Research Lab” whose director is Professor Chilmin Kim is carrying out research of high originality in the area of Opto/Bio physics. All of the above research groups are conducting competitive researches on world class scale.

Recently Sogang University initiated a new model of the cooperation between academic research and industry called SIAT (Sogang Institute of Advanced Technology). It is one of innovative programs of Sogang University. A substantial number of physics faculty members majoring in applied physics are participating in this SIAT program.

We will keep on endeavoring on the education and research, and will do our best to educate students who can lead the global age of 21st century. We hope you can obtain useful information from this homepage, and please don’t hesitate letting us know the inconveniences and things to be improved found in this homepage.

Thank you!

Chair of Department of Physics

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