• Nonlinear optics laboratory: We study the nonlinear optical characteristics of diverse materials such as semiconductor, molecules, and organics molecular thin films using various lasers. In particular, we are focusing on developing the coherent light source which can cover wide wavelength ranges using optical parametric resonances.
    - Homepage http://hompi.sogang.ac.kr/nlopt/index.html

  • Photonics research laboratory: We study wide areas such as hypersensitive sensor, optical communication devices/systems using interferometers. Biophotonics and plasmonics which are the examples of leading edge research area of used ideas, also being studied.
    - Homepage http://hompi.sogang.ac.kr/photonics/

  • Quantum chaos and application laboratory: Our main focus is on the 2-dim laser and ultra small random laser as applications of quantum chaos. These lasers are being developed with a view to the application of optoelectronics source, optical communication source, chemical/biological sensor. It can also be a very useful tool in investigating the mesoscopic systems.
    - Homepage (under construction)

  • Soft matter spectroscopy laboratory: We study soft matters such as liquid, molecular films, and porous materials and molecules of live cells using optical probe. We welcome the students who have a firm basis in physics in general and want to study this emerging area by strong self-motivation.
    - Homepage http://smos.sogang.ac.kr/

  • X-ray spectroscopy laboratory: Our laboratory studies the new imaging method at nano scale using coherent X-ray. And we are also developing measurement techniques for dynamical phenomena with a view of studying the structure and dynamical characteristics diverse materials such as organics light emitting devices, bio membranes, and polymeric systems. Main focuses on these systems are the surface of thin film and interface characteristics.
    - Homepage http://xray.sogang.ac.kr


Condensed Matter Physics

  • Oxide thin film laboratory: We fabricate the thin films of complex heterostructures composed of ferroelectrics, mutliferroics, and high temperature superconductors. Then we analyze the structure of thin film and interface focusing on their electrical properties, charge transport, and domain wall switching.
    - Homepage http://oxide.sogang.ac.kr/

  • Extreme quantum materials laboratory: We study various magnetic thin film, composition of nano magnetic materials, and electrical properties of quantum materials under extreme conditions with a goal of clarifying complex magnetic phenomena and device applications.
    - Homepage http://eqml.sogang.ac.kr/

  • Microwave photonics and superconductors laboratory: We study the design of the basic devices of microwaves and its developments, organic thin films, OLED, organics transistor, spectroscopy for bio materials including DNA.
    - Homepage http://hompi.sogang.ac.kr/mwlab

  • Optoelectronics and Semiconductor laboratory: We study the physical properties of the semiconductors, oxides, bio materials, and nano materials using spectroscopy and are carrying out researches for their applications. For instances, microscopic characteristics of thin films and nano materials are analyzed using spatial resolutions under 1 mircometers. Also, we are developing a sensor which can detect of the leakage of hydrogen using light.
    - Homepage http://opto.sogang.ac.kr/

  • Strongly correlated system theory laboratory: We study interesting phenomena originating from strongly interacting electrons, such as high temperature superconductors, quantum Hall effect, and the critical phenomena of heavy electron systems using the methods of quantum field theory.
    - Homepage http://cmt.sogang.ac.kr/


Quantum field Theory, Gravity and String theory

  • Quantum field theory and string theory group: We study various properties of string theory along with their low energy or duality aspects related to diverse field theory models.
    - Homepage http://fields.sogang.ac.kr/

  • Theoretical physics group: We study various problems of particle physics in general.
    - Homepage http://string.sogang.ac.kr/

  • Mathematical physics group: We study the quantization of constrained systems, quantum field theory, gravity including the black hole thermodynamics, quantum transportation, quantum information, chaos, and nonlinear dynamics.
    - Homepage http://hompi.sogang.ac.kr/physeon/

  • Superstring theory group: We study the mathematical theory of superstring theory which view the ultimate building blocks of nature as point or strings.
    - Homepage http://spacetime.sogang.ac.kr
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