Undergraduate Courses

  • Red colored courses are the required ones.
  • [English] in bracket indicates that the course is offered in English.
Standard curriculum for physics majors

Grade 1st semester 2nd semester
2 Mechanics [English],
Electromagnetism 1 [English],
Mathematical physics 1 [English],
Experimental physics 1
Electromagnetism 2[English],
Mathematical physics 2,
Physical electronics,
Modern physics [English],
Experimental physics 2
3 Quantum physics 1,
Experimental physics 3
Quantum physics 2,
Experimental physics 4,
Statistical physics,
Modern optics
4 Computational physics 1,
Solid state physics1,
Particle physics,
Classical physics 1 (graduate course)
Computational physics 2,
Solid state physics2,
Nuclear physics,
Statistical mechanics (graduate course]


  • You have to take the courses in the right column in advance to take the ones in the left column.
Course Prerequisite courses
Quantum Physics 1,2 Mathematical physics 1
Electromagnetism 1,2
Modern Physics
Solid state physics 1,2 Quantum Physics 1
Modern Optics Electromagnetism 1
Statistical Physics Thermodynamics
Quantum Physics 1
Particle Physics Quantum Physics 1

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