Religious Studies seeks the understanding of the worldview of ourselves and others with an insight of the history and scriptures of world religions. It also contributes to the creation of the 21st century culture.

The 21st century is regarded as the era of culture and spirituality. Religion is the root of human civilizations and the treasure house of spiritual cultures.

This perspective of the 21st century is due to the reflection on Modernization and scientific rationalization, which have been supreme tasks for humankind during the last few centuries. Global environmental problems and the crisis of spiritual cultures in Western civilization urge to reflect on Western modernism and seek alternative values and worldviews.

If the West had led a world history and culture and brought about monolithic order and universalism during the past, the next century is expected to set up a democratic and pluralistic order based on the understanding of the individuality of various cultural properties and the interaction between peoples. The pluralization of World Culture and the mutual understanding of peoples are accelerated by the Internet and developed mass media.

Religious Studies will promote the understanding of pluralistic World Culture by studying world religions and thus following the current of the times.

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