Major Fields

01) Features & Options

Ever since the department was organized in 1981, it has sought to research diverse religions and make a comparative study of them without bias. It offers courses of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Indian Religions (Hinduism, Buddhism), Chinese Religions(Confucianism, Daoism), Korean Religions and New Age. The courses are divided into 4 groups. The first group approaches religious traditions with the emphasis on their history and culture. The second group is courses of reading religious scriptures in their original word. The third group deals with various religions comparatively under specific themes as myth, mysticism, gender, death, and ecology. The forth group is concerned with theories and methodology within Religious Studies. Furthermore, the courses called “Self-cultivation and Contemplation,” and “Meditation in Life” offer students a chance to practice religious teachings.


02) Career Planning

1. Students who proceed to graduate level study can engage in scholarly works.

2. Students with a Religious Studies major can work in the field of publication, the press and broadcasting as specialists in religious issues because of their deep insight of human existence and society.

3. Students with a Religious Studies major can show their talent not only in culture industries as the movies and animation but also in the field of information technology because their knowledge and understanding of various cultures provide an abundance of sources.

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