Greetings from the School of Communication

The School of Communication at Sogang University, with the help of its matrix -- the Department of Mass Communications (founded in 1968) -- has educated the most talented people in the Korean communication field. Thanks to this remarkable achievement, it was upgraded to an independent school in 2006. Since 2009, an entrance quota of 100 outstanding students has been maintained every year

Sogang's spirit for "select elite" has been passed on in its entirety to the School of Communication. The School is strictly and intensively training brilliant students who are supposed to play an important role in advertising and public relations, performance and video, and digital media, not to mention the traditional field of media information.

Above all, equipped with cutting-edge experiment and practicical exercise facilities, the School is devoting itself to training its students to become creative people in both theory and practice.

In addition, the Graduate School, in connection with the School of Communication, was selected for “BK21 (Brain Korea 21),” the government’s support program for the best graduate school; it allows graduate students to concentrate on their research.

As we have done to date, we aim for the best in rearing the academic pillars for communication studies.

Today, our students are pouring their heart and soul into learning to become part of this glorious tradition. I am confident that they will also hold fast to pride in Sogang Communication as cherished by alumni. Thank you for visiting our homepage.

Dean of the School of Communication Kim, Choong-Hyun

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