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Welcome to the website of the School of Communication of Sogang University.

Since its inception in 1999, the Advertising and Public Relations Major has been producing world-class specialists in the field of Advertising and Public Relations from both undergraduate and graduate schools.

The Advertising and Public Relations Major, as already known in developed countries, is one of the most promising professions in the 21st century. Before joining Sogang University, our professors have taught in 2 universities at home and overseas for over 10 years. They are highly recognized for their knowledge, research, know-how, and program management in their respective fields. We are proud to say that our faculty is Korea's dream team, both in name and reality.

The strength of our program lies in educating talented students to strike a balance between theory and practice through classes, practice programs, various industry-academe projects, internships, and actual cooperation with other majors within Sogang University. We do not allow students to be satisfied with acquiring separate knowledge at the theoretical level; instead, we help them develop their own expertise, which can be applied effectively in practical business like well-threaded beads.

In addition to such individual development, we encourage students to maintain close relationships with professors and to develop continuing relations between juniors and seniors; thus forming the unique human network of the Advertising and Public Relations Major.

The Advertising and Public Relations Major will put all its efforts into training and fostering Advertising and Public Relations experts in order for them to compete shoulder to shoulder with students from world-renowned universities and will grow into the world's best communications program.

<Courses Offered>
Introduction to Advertising, Introduction to Public Relations, Integrated Marketing Communication, Marketing PR, Creative Theory of Advertising, Advertising Copy and Production, PR Campaign Planning Practice, Advertising PR Field Studies, etc.

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