제목 [유럽문화전공] 주한유럽상공회의소 인턴 모집(동계 방학)
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주한유럽상공회의소에서 금번 동계 방학기간동안 인턴십을 할 학생 2인을 구인합니다.

하단의 정보를 참조하시어 신청하시기 바랍니다.


신청대상자 : 독일문화/프랑스문화/유럽문화 전공 제 1전공자(휴학생, 9학기 이상 재학생 제외)

신청기간 : 2016년 12월 30일

신청방식 : 특성화사업단 이메일(unbeaujour@sogang.ac.kr)로 이력서(자유양식 1페이지 이내) 송부

우대사항 : 영어 능력 우수자


ECCK Internship Program Outline

General Remarks

The principal objective of the internship program is to improve the employability perspectives of interns. To achieve this, the ECCK aims to provide interns with a unique, hands-on experience to help them better understand the professional environment. It also intends to provide interns with the opportunity to put into practice the competences acquired in formal education in a dynamic, multilingual environment, thereby offering interns an advantage in pursuing advanced professional opportunities in future. An internship at the ECCK provides insights into the ECCK and its working procedures.


An internship at the ECCK is recommended for all university students wishing to gain first practical working experience in a dynamic and international environment. The development targets for interns at the ECCK are – among others:

  • Acquire first professional experience in a dynamic international environment

  • Gain insight into the ECCK business processes

  • Obtain practical working experience due to the execution of day-to-day work

  • Acquire specific industry knowledge (if assigned to committee)

  • Apply academic skills and knowledge in practice

  • Develop transferable skills including problem solving, teamwork, communication, decision making

  • Increase networking and employability opportunities


The ECCK is an outstanding and unique organization to offer internships to young talents. An internship at the ECCK is recommended due to the ECCK’s:

  • Wide range of business, governmental, and semi-governmental stakeholders and business partners such as the European Commission, the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Korea, EU and EFTA embassies and trade sections, Global and European business associations, Korean ministries, and Korean business associations.

  • Broad coverage of industries such as – among others –  Automotive, Chemicals, Financial Services, Food & Beverages, Logistics & Transport, Marine & Shipbuilding, Intellectual Property, Fashion & Retail, Cosmetics, and Healthcare.

  • Professional experts to lead and train interns on the job; i.e. Management being Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary General, Head of Finance & Administration, six (6) Committee Heads, one (1) responsible each for Event Management and Public Relation & Communication.

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