▶  What academic programs do you have?

A: We have three kinds of programs, master’s degree, doctoral degree, and research program.

In specific, master’s degree program is available in Theology, Philosophy, and Social Welfare department. Doctoral degree and research program are only available in Theology department.

  When can I apply for admission? How many students do you select each year?

A: Each year, including spring and fall semester, 40 students will be selected for master’s degree program, and 5 students for doctoral degree program. Online application for spring and fall semester is open every mid October and May respectively. In addition, the entrance exam is held in early November and June respectively.

  What supplementary documents should I submit?

A:  1)   Master’s Program: application form, 3 passport-size(3.5*4.5)pictures, transcript/academic records, a copy of diploma  (undergraduate school)

     2)  Doctoral Program: application form, 3 passport-size(3.5*4.5)pictures, recommendation letter, personal statement of purpose, a copy of thesis(paper) from master’s degree program, transcript/academic records of undergraduate school and graduate school 

  What is qualification for admission, and entrance exam?

If you have a Bachelor’s degree or if you are expecting it, you can apply regardless of major. However, only the Catholic/Christian can apply for theology master program. The entrance exam consists of document evaluation(50%) and interview(50%). In document evaluation, the most important factors are the overall grade of your transcript. During the interview process, your motivation, academic/religious knowledge, personality will be assessed.

The entrance exam of doctoral degree program includes English exam(Over TOEIC 800/TOEFL 580 scores holders are exempted), major-related exam, and interview.

How long does it take to complete the degree program?

A: Every program in Graduate School of Theology requires 5 semesters(2 and half years) for graduation, except for research program which requires 2 semesters only. All classes are based on daytime curriculum. First hour class is 9:00-11:50, second hour is 13:30-16:20, and third hour is 16:30-17:50. You are supposed to take a common course in third hour, which means you have to choose one among Latin, Biblical Hebrew, Biblical Greek etc.

 How many credits can I get each semester?

A: The maximum credits you can take for one semester are 15 credits(5 courses) which is basically a 3-credit class.

 What is difference between social welfare major in Graduate School of Theology and the one of Graduate School of Public Policy?

A: Graduate School of Theology runs only daytime curriculum, whereas Graduate School of Public Policy runs only evening(night) classes. Both graduate schools’ social welfare degree programs require 5 semesters(2 and half years) each. You need to complete 51 credits(in case of philosophy majors, 45 credits needed) to graduate from the Graduate School of Theology. On the other hand, you can graduate from Graduate School of Public Policy when you finish 28 credits.

In an aspect of education quality, Graduate School of Theology provide students practical application of theory and in-depth education enough to foster sufficient experts in a professional area, while Graduate School of Public Policy introduced the social welfare department to give opportunities to professional men. However, both program’s enrollment fee/tuition is same and there is no difference when acquiring a certificate of social worker.

 What should I do to apply for readmission?

A: If you are considering readmission, you have to submit an application form of readmission before the semester begins, specifically by Feburary or August. Also, you have to get permission from GST committee with the necessary procedures.

 What kind of diploma(degree) do you accept when applying for a doctoral degree program?

A: You can apply for a doctoral degree program(which requires five semesters to finish) after receiving a master’s degree in Theology. However, if you had a master’s degree in Pastoral Ministry, you will be assessed individually whether you are qualified to enter the doctoral course in GST according to your previous credits/courses you took.

 Tell me about open classes and auditing opportunity.

A: If you graduated from undergraduate school, you are qualified to apply for auditing program.

Please visit the office of GST and apply for it within two weeks after the beginning of each semester. If you are a churchman of Catholic religion, you can get 50% discount on the attendance fee. You can request academic grade/record for auditing course, but that is not counted as a part of your official credits.

 What is research program?

A: We have a research program only in Theology department. Since there is no need to submit dissertation after completion of studies, a master’s degree is not provided for this program. The courses you take in this program are not accepted as an official credit when you enroll at GST’s other degree programs.

What is difference between general graduate school, professional graduate school, and special graduate school?

A: General graduate school and professional graduate school run daytime classes, while special graduate school runs evening(night)time curriculum. General graduate school focuses on study of academic theory and advanced scientific research. Professional graduate school aims to develop practical application of theory which is necessary for training competitive, outstanding manpower in professional field in a society. Finally, special graduate school is set to provide constant education for professionals and adults.



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