Unity of Reality and Scholarship

We educate people who contribute to the development of Church and Society through an active participation and introspection of one’s religious experience on Philosophy, Theology, and Social Welfare and generous education subjects.

Cultivating people working for Korean Church reaching out to the world

Living in a global society, our goal is to be a Korean Catholic Church sharing with the world. We provide the best education environment by holding many of domestic/international symposiums, academic lectures and seminars. By that we promote your studying, discussion and publication activity who both have academic knowledge and global competency.

 Cultivating Holistic Believer

 Community of GST students(which is called “WONWOOHUE”) has regular meetings including academic studying, outdoor activities (Sports Day, Hiking, Traveling and Workshops) in which you enjoy with other students.

 Formation of Superior Sogang Community

Through excellent academic curriculum and superb faculty, Communication Education based on Catholic belief and inspired by the Jesuit educational philosophy, in conformity with the Korean tradition of education. Sogang University's goal is to educate the whole human person on foundations of love and faith, encouraging all its members to be intent on the pursuit of learning in a sincere quest for truth. Through this education, we aim to cultivate people of talent who will devote their lives to the development of a humanistic culture and the union of all mankind.

 High-quality faculty

Sogang University was established by the Society of Jesus, which has 250 education networks in worldwide. For better educational opportunities, we invite excellent professorships from Korea and other countries and open exquisite courses for students. You can be a part of the global society by taking classes and seminar here.

 Loyola Library

Since its establishment, Sogang Graduate School of Theology has collected books on theology, philosophy, sociology and so on. We have been donated over 20,000 volumes from Society of Jesuit in France, USA, Italy, Holland and Taiwan. The effort to hold recently-released books, journals, and magazines will be continued. Over 12,000 volumes on philosophy and theology which belong to Loyola library will support your study and research in positive way.

 Intensive management of Curriculum

According to the thorough management of academic affairs by which Sogang is known, attendance check is highly important. You will be given enough reading assignments, presentation assignments and thesis-writing assignments. You will be trained by strict assessment standard

 Vigorous activity of Learning

We open special lectures by authorities in and out of Korea on particular issues. It will give you the opportunity to have the abundant knowledge about the society and open-mind attitude.

 Trusted and Virtue-oriented Education

To educate leaders who are respected by society and church, you are advised to summit your thesis after taking various courses and participating in seminars, symposiums, and lectures. According to courses, students are divided into three groups; full-time students, researcher, and auditors

According to courses, students are divided into three groups; full-time students, researcher, and auditors.




Full-time student

2 and half years

(Master course+ Doctoral course)

Having passed the admission procedure and with the goal of master/doctoral degree fulfilling the necessary graduation condition

Researcher student

1 year

Participating in studies/projects with taking courses on the same condition of regular students, but not acquiring degrees, they are selected through document screening among graduates with Bachelor degrees



Taking class by paying for his/her preferred courses


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