Message from Dean

Welcome to Sogang! We invite you to join us at Graduate School of Theology!

Sometimes, we realize our own ‘marvelous presence’ all of a sudden, while admiring sunset and staring at it. ‘What it means that I am being here right now?

 Sometimes, we experience the idea of eternal world in a united body with God through the transcending time and space in the middle of meditation and prayer.

And sometimes, we want to sacrifice ourselves to establish righteous and peaceful world, being confident that our strong willed behaviors and intelligence will make it.

 If you have questions for existence time to time, if you have admiration of eternal world, if you want to devote ourselves into the kingdom of Heaven, it means God is being with you. Graduate School of Theology is widely open to people who desire for the highest happiness. Building the virtue of intelligence, spirituality, and practices with study of philosophy, theology, and social welfare will lead you to search for eternal God in the best way. Experience Sogang’s 450 years of Jesuit education tradition! Passion for truth and freedom, “Elite Education” with intense academic curriculum at Graduate School of Theology will make you proud of Sogang as Sogang proud of you.

God bless you and we welcome you with great pleasure!

Dean of Graduate School of Theology

Fr. Yong Hae Kim



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