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2010  Heidelberg University Ph.D. History; American Studies with high honors
2005  University of Virginia M.A. American Studies M.A. class valedictorian
1999  University of Virginia B.A. English, History



2015-present   Sogang University Assistant Professor of U.S. History
2014-2015  Heidelberg University, lecturer 

2013-2014  Heidelberg University, Instructor

2010-2012  Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of American History, Heidelberg University

2010-2011  Visiting Assistant Professor of History, Central Michigan University




Exile and Embrace: Contemporary Religious Discourse on the Death Penalty. Boston: Northeastern University Press, July 2013.


Religion and the Marketplace in the United States: New Perspectives and New Findings. Jan Stievermann, Philip Goff, and Detlef Junker, editors. Anthony Santoro and Daniel Silliman, associate editors. Oxford: Oxford University Press. March 2015.



Free Not to Speak: West Virginia v. Barnette
This monograph project examines one of the twentieth century’s most important Supreme Court case decisions, West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette (1943). Popularly known as “the flag salute case,” Barnette was a landmark free speech and free exercise case that has significantly impacted a number of lines of case law over the last seventy years. This monograph analyzes the Barnette decision in its cultural, legal, and social contexts, as well as its role in shaping symbolic speech and free exercise doctrine.




Guest Editor. Amerikastudien (American Studies Quarterly) Special Issue: Religion and the Marketplace in the United States. Anthony Santoro, Daniel Silliman and Jan Stievermann, guest editors. Vol. 59, no 2, Forthcoming, 2015.



“The Prophet in His Own Words: Nat Turner’s Biblical Construction.” The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. 116/2 (June 2008). 114-49.

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“Between Moral Certainty and Morally Certain: The Religious Debate over the Death Penalty in the United States.” In Religion and Politics in Europe and the United States: Transnational Historical Approaches. Volker Depkat and Jurgen Martschukat, editors. Washington, DC: Wilson Center Press/Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press (2013). 127-44.

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“Law and Society, Violence and Sacrifice in The Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman’s Meditation on Just Violence.” In Comics-Bilder, Stories, und Sequenzen in religiosen Deutungskulturen, Nathaniel Riemer, Frank Thomas Brinkmann, and Jorn Ahrens, editors. Berlin: Springer, 2015. 327-351.

“RaiderNation: The Digital and Material Identity and Values of a Superdiverse Fan Community.” In Hashtag Publics: The Power and Politics of Networked Discourse Communities. Nathan Rambukkana, editor. Volume accepted for publication in the Digital Formations Series. New York: Peter Lang.

“Introduction.” Amerikastudien (American Studies Quarterly) Special Issue: Religion and the Marketplace in the United States. Daniel Silliman, Jan Stievermann, and Anthony Santoro. Vol. 59, no 2, Forthcoming, 2015.

“Sport, Nation, Fans, and Rituals: The National Football League and an Emergent Transnational Civil Religion.” In Civil Religion in the United States. Heike Bungert and Jana Weiss, editors. Frankfurt a.M.: Campus. Forthcoming, 2015.



Dallen J. Timothy and Daniel H. Olsen, editors. Tourism, Religion and Spiritual Journeys. Reviewed for the Alternative Spirituality and Religion Review, vol. 3, no. 2 (2012) 135-138.

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Thomas G. Walker. Eligible for Execution: The Story of the Daryl Atkins Case. Reviewed for Amerikastudien (American Studies Quarterly), vol. 59, no. 1 (2014), http://www.winter-verlag.de/de/person/113640/Anthony_Santoro/.

“Random Justice: New Approaches to the American Death Penalty.” Review essay. Agreed to write for the Canadian Review of American Studies.

Johanna L. Grossman and Lawrence M. Friedman. Inside the Castle: Law and the Family in 20th Century America. Agreed to review for the European Journal of American Studies.

Richard S. Kirkendall, ed. The Writing and Teaching of American History. Agreed to review for the European Journal of American Studies.

Doran Larson, ed. Fourth City: Essays from the Prison in America. Reviewed for American Studies. Forthcoming.



Heidelberg Center for American Studies Master of Arts in American Studies Book Prize, 2005 Valedictory Award Angel Foundation Scholarship, 2004-2005

Doctoral Fellowship, German Historical Institute, Washington, DC, 2008
Research Grant, Graduiertenakademie Universitat Heidelberg, 2008
Research Grant, Soheyl Ghaemian Travel Fund for Scholars. 2008

BASF Dissertation Scholarship, Heidelberg Center for American Studies, Heidelberg University, 2006-2010
Post-doctoral Fellowship, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation), 2010-2012

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