제목 [Notice] CALL FOR PAPERS - Vol. 15 (March 01- December 15, 2015)
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CALL FOR PAPERS - Vol. 15 (March 01- December 15, 2015)


Institution of International and Area Studies, Sogang University

ISSN: 2093-193X


We invite you to submit your research papers for our journal, Sogang IIAS Research Series on International Affairs. Our journal is devoted to publication of original research papers on a variety of international issues.


Submission Guidelines

Manuscripts must be in English (including author affiliations and references).

The pages for manuscripts should not in excess of 30 pages or more than 8,000 words.

The font should be times new roman 12 and 1.25 space. The author will receive an acknowledgement of the submission of the manuscript. If the acknowledgment is not received within two weeks of expected date of receipt, please contact the editor to whom the manuscript has been sent.

Manuscript will be processed by us and we provide authors with the language correction service and editing service once we confirm the publication.

Submission of manuscript will be held to imply that it contains original unpublished work but you can submit them after publication at our Volume.



Your research papers should be submitted by

no later than Decemger 15, 2015.


Please email your manuscripts to

Cheolwook Lee at iias@sogang.ac.kr or Josephine Kim iias7@sogang.ac.kr.


Thank you in advance for your submission.



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