제목 [Notice] CALL FOR PAPERS - Vol. 16 (March 01- December 15, 2016)
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Institution of International and Area Studies, Sogang University


ISSN: 2093-193X


CALL FOR PAPERS - Vol. 16 (March 01- December 15, 2016)


We invite you to submit your research papers for our journal, Sogang IIAS Research Series on International Affairs. Our journal

is devoted to publication of original research papers on a variety of international issues.

Your research papers should be submitted by no later than Decemger 15, 2016.


Please email your manuscripts to Cheolwook Lee at iias@sogang.ac.kr or Josephine kim iias7@sogang.ac.kr.


Thank you in advance for your submission.


  Jungsuk Kim (Ph.D.)

  Senior Researcher, Institute of International and Area Studies

  Sogang University , J hall 513, 35 Baekbeom-ro, Shin shu dong, Mapo-gu,  

  Seoul 04107, Korea  

  Tel) 82-2-705-8235 , Fax) 82-2-705-8236   




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