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미국 문학 및 문화



1991  이화여자대학교 (학사)
1994  이화여자대학교 (석사)
1998  New York University (M.A.)
2006  New York University (Ph.D.)



Fall, 1997 - Spring, 2001: Instructor, Expository Writing Program, NYU.
Fall, 2001 - Spring, 2003: Instructor, Department of English, NYU.
Fall, 2003 - Summer, 2004: ABD Instructor (full-time faculty position),
                                       Department of English, NYU.
Fall, 2004 - Spring, 2005: Adjunct Faculty, GSP, NYU.
Summer, 2004 - Summer, 2006: Teaching Fellow, GSEDP, NYU.
Sept. 2006 - Feb. 2008: 시간강사, 이화여자대학교 영문과.
Sept. 2006 - Feb. 2008: 시간강사, 서강대학교 영문과.
Sept. 2007 - Feb. 2008: 시간강사, 홍익대학교 영문과.
March, 2008 - Feb. 2012: 조교수, 서강대학교 영문과 미국문화전공.

                                 (Assistant Professor, American Culture Program, 
                                  English Department, Sogang University)

Oct. 2008 - Present: 국제지역문화원 장학위원회 위원

                                 (SIRACS Board Member)
March, 2010 - Feb. 2014: 미국문화전공주임. 
                                 (Director, American Culture Program)

Aug. 2011 - Feb. 2014: 미국문화센터 소장

                                 (Director, American Culture Center)

Aug. 2011 - Feb. 2014: 미국문화전공 대학원 주임.

                                 (Director, American Cultural Studies Graduate Program)

Aug. 2011 - July 2013: 글쓰기센터 운영위원회 위원

                                 (SCW Board Member)

March, 2012 - Present: 부교수, 서강대학교 영문과 미국문화저공.

                                 (Associate Professor, American Culture Program,

                                  English Department, Sogang University)

Jan. 2014 - Jan. 2015: Visiting Scholar, Ethnic Studies Department, UC Berkeley.

Feb. 2016 - Present:  미국문화전공주임. 

                               (Director, American Culture Program)

Feb. 2016 - Present:  미국문화전공 대학원 주임.

                               (Director, American Cultural Studies Graduate Program)

Feb. 2016 - Present:  미국문화센터 소장

                               (Director, American Culture Center)


Service & Professional Affiliations
한국아메리카학회 (ASAK) (평생회원; 국제학술대회 조직운영위원장/연
        구이사, 2009.1.1.-2009.12.31.; 편집위원, 2010.1.1.-2011.12.31.)
한국영어영문학회 (ELLAK) (평생회원; 국제학술대회 조직운영위원, 
        2010; 편집위원, 2011.4.15.-2013.4.15.)
한국현대영미소설학회 (평생회원; 소규모연구회 책임연구원, 
한국영미문화학회 (평생회원; 부회장)
문학과영상학회 (편집위원, 2009.1.1.-2010.12.31; 출판이사, 2011.1.1.-
한국영미문학교육학회 (정보이사, 2009.8.1.-2011.7.31.)
미국소설학회 (연구이사, 2009.7.1-2015.12.31.)
Modern Language Association 
American Studies Association (affiliated via ASAK) 

The Society for the Study of the Multi-Ethnic Literatures of the Unites States

Association for Asian American Studies

Native American and Indigenous Studies Association



Teacher’s Certificate, February 1991. Ministry of Education, Korea. 

Teaching Effectiveness Program Certificate, Fall 2004. School of Continuing and 
        Professional Studies, New York University.

Certificate in Teaching and Learning, May 2005. Graduate School of Arts and 
        Sciences & Center for Teaching Excellence, New York University.


The 2004 President’s Service Award for Leadership, New York University, 
        April 2004.

The Graduate School of Arts and Science (GSAS) Dean’s Outstanding Graduate 
        Student Teaching Award for the Humanities for 2003-2004, New York 
        University, May 2004.

The Carnwath-Callender Fellowship Award for 2004-2005, Department of

        English, New York University, May 2004.

Best Teaching Award, Hongik University, February 2008. 

제2회 우수 서강익실 대상, 서강대학교 교수학습센터, 2013년 8월.

        (Grand Prize, The Best Extended Syllabus Design, The Teaching and Learning Center,

        Sogang University, Aug. 2013)

제3회 우수 서강익실 대상, 서강대학교 교수학습센터, 2014년 2월.

        (Grand Prize, The Best Extended Syllabus Design, The Teaching and Learning Center,

        Sogang University, Feb. 2014.)



“‘I am Not That’: The Logic of Lynching and the Performativity of Americanizable Alienness in American Identity Constructions,” 미국학논집. 한국아메리카학회. 2015.

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John Wayne's Teeth and George Washington's Nose: Native  American Resistance to Silencing and Erasure in Smoke Signals and Skins.” 영미문화. 한국영미문화학회. 2009.

Profiling the Duke and Tonto: Emergent Practices for Teaching  Native American Literature in a Cultural Vacuum.” 영미문학교육. 한국영미문학교육학회. 2009. 

Paving the Way for President Obama: Constructing American  Citizenship through the Narrative Disruption of Binaries in The  Souls of Black Folk.” 영미문화. 한국영미문화학회. 2008.

Literary Interventions: Chang-Rae Lee's Native Speaker as Democratic Process.”영미문화. 한국영미문화학회. 2007.

Ride Off Into the Sun: The Cowboy as the New Vanishing American  in Cormac McCarthy's All the Pretty Horses.”미국학논집. 한국아메리카학회. 2007.

You Got tuh Go There tuh Know There': The Inversion of Public and  Private in Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God.”현대영미소설. 한국현대영미소설학회. 2007.

Distorted Reflections: The Social Mirror and Asian American  Selfhood.” Journal of English and American Studies. 이화영미학연구소. 2006

[Conferences & Invited Lectures]

Doing the Charleston with ‘Indian Ghosts’: Negotiations of Diasporic Identities in Mira Jacob's The Sleepwalker's Guide to Dancing.” MELUS 2016. Charleston, U.S.A. 4 March 2016.

Reading Turtle Island as a Global Space through Native American Novels.” The IASA 7th World Congress and ASAK 50th International Conference. Seoul, Korea. Scheduled for 17-19 Aug. 2015.

“Emergent U.S. Literatures: Changing the Landscape of American Literature and Citizenry.” 건국대학교 다언어다문화연구소 (KRIMM) 초청 특강. 29 July 2015.

“Exploring the Challenges and Imperatives of Multiethnic Literatures of the U.S.” 건국대학교 다언어다문화연구소 (KRIMM) 초청 특강. 28 July 2015.

“Re-centering Native America: Intersections of Native American Studies and Asian American Studies in a Globalized Korean Classroom.” NAISA 2015 Annual Meeting. Washington, D.C., U.S.A. 5 June 2015.

“Mount Rushmore: The Black Hills, Gold, and the Sculpting of the U.S.A.” 2015 Sogang English Department Open Lectures: A Cultural Tour of the USA. Seoul, Korea. 20 May 2015.

“Fathering the Nation: NCIS and the Reconstruction of ‘We the People’.” PCA-ACA 2015 Conference. New Orleans, LA, U.S.A. 2 Apr. 2015.

“Envisioning a Transnational Asian American Studies.” 2014 AAAS Annual Meeting. San Francisco, CA, U.S.A. 17 Apr. 2014.

“Commentary on ‘Asian Americans in Food, Film, and Marketing’.” Weglyn Symposium. Cal Poly Pomona. Pomona, CA, U.S.A. 4 March 2014.

“Technologies of Diaspora: Transnational Conversations via New Media.” The ASAK 2013 International Conference. Seoul, Korea. 1 Nov. 2013

“Shadows of Empire: Imperial Hauntings in the Works of Heinz Insu Fenkl and Don Lee.” 2013 AAAS Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA, U.S.A. 19 Apr. 2013.

“The Logic of Lynching and the Construction of Americanizable Alienness.” The ASAK 2012 International Conference. Seoul, Korea. 21 Sept. 2012.

Becoming American: Culturally Performed American Identity Construction and Shifting Racial Paradigms in Contemporary American Fiction and Film.” 2012 MELUS/USACLALS Conference. Santa Clara, CA. 20 April 2012.

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'나 또한 미국을 노래하노라': 한국계 미국문학이 현대적으로 편곡하는 왈트 윗트먼의 미국정신.” 2011년도 1 한국영어영문학회 시민강좌 『미국을 바라보는 10가지 시선: 미국문화와 미국정신』. 서울. 2011. 10.12.

Here We Go Again: Post-9/11 Resurrections of 'American Manhood' in Thomas McCarthy's The Visitor and James Cameron's Avatar.” 2010 SNU American Studies Institute International Conference. Seoul. 15 Dec. 2010.

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프랜시스 와시번의 경계선 꼬기: 『엘시의 이야기』를 통한 우리의 경계선 긋기에 대한 취조.” 대영미소설학회 2010  정기학술대회. 서울. 2010. 6.5.

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Narrating National Identity: Authorship and Audience in Gary Pak's Ricepaper Airplane.” 2006년도 17 현대영미소설학회 학술대. 서울. 2006. 11.11.


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