박 사

강병수 On L^p-resolvent estimates for second-order elliptic equations with lower order terms (지도교수: 김현석)

신진우 Three-dimensional Ricci-degenerate Riemannian manifolds satisfying geometric equation (지도교수: 김종수)

최미란 On existence of dispersion management solitons for power-law nonlinearities (지도교수: 이영란)

석 사

김승태 Shifted Poirier-Reutenauer algebra corresponding to mixed insertion (지도교수: 오영탁)

김충한 Involutions on two-dimensional closed flat manifolds (지도교수: 이종범)

박영하 Improvement of CNN performance in face recognition using Fisher Linear Discriminant (지도교수: 김종락)

선우휘 A study of p-admissible weight and Wiener's lemma (지도교수: 신창언)

전형규 A study on topological graph theory and crossing number (지도교수: Pak Tung Ho.)

허준영 Experimental comparison of various image segmentation techniques (지도교수: 김종락)


박 사

김두규 On the stationary Oseen equations in exterior domains (지도교수: 김현석)

이나리 Additive codes and their applications (지도교수: 김종락)

Chan sony A weighted fourier series with signed good kernels (지도교수: 임경수) 

석 사

김영훈 Counting the maximal dominant weights of the irreducible \hat{sl}(n)-module of the highest weight kΛ_0

          (지도교수: 오영탁)

정철호 Study on pricing Asian options with poisson jump (지도교수: 김현석)

허동만 Remarks on self-dual codes from orbit matrices (지도교수: 김종락)

박종훈 A study on stochastic elliptic partial differential equations (지도교수: 김현석)

전덕규 Machine Learning을 활용한 서울시 동별 차량 보유현황 분석 (지도교수: 김종락)

원병선 A study on some games with reinforcement learning (지도교수: 김종락)



박 사

최승일 Combinatorial approach to shifted Littlewood-Richardson coefficients : combinatorial models and a shifted tableau switching (지도교수: 오영탁)

남선영 Witt-burnside rings of a saturated fusion system (지도교수: 오영탁)

이영록 Analytic Forms for Quanto Option Prices with Stochastic and Local Volatilities (지도교수: 이재성)

김순영 Numerical Godeaux surfaces with an involution in positive characteristic (지도교수: 김종수, 이용남)


석 사

김은지 Two-Factor Hull-White Short Rate Model and its Application (지도교수: 이재성)

장현철 On the metric of a surface which maximizes the eigenvalues (지도교수: Ho Pak Tung)

전용환 Growth rate on finitely generated abelian groups (지도교수: 이종범)

최일웅 Introduction to classical mechanics and quantum field theory (지도교수: 임경수)

박 준   Closed-Form Expressions for Lookback Option Prices using Laplace Transforms  (지도교수: 이재성)

박진구 The number of maximal dominant weights of the \hat{sl}(n)-module V(k\Lambda_0) (지도교수: 오영탁)

남승현 The Black Model and its applications to the libor market model (지도교수: 이재성)



석 사

조연옥 Existence of a solution for a diffraction managed discrete nonlinear Schrӧdinger equation schrdinger (지도교수: 이영란)

김상재 Topological entropy of maps on infra-nilmanifolds (지도교수: 이종범)

문재민 On the study of rhodes groups and their realization problems (지도교수: 조장현)

이동훈 Derivation and generalization of local volatility (지도교수: 이재성) 

이재황 Blow-up for discrete reaction-diffusion equations on networks (지도교수: 정순영)

정성용 A new construction of the extended binary golay code (지도교수: 김종락)

최경환 A study on the relationship between Gottlieb-rhodes groups and Gottlieb-fox groups (지도교수: 조장현)  



박 사

신용주 Involutions on surfaces of general type with pg=0 (지도교수: 이용남) 

김동찬 Several weight enumerators and zeta polynomials of linear codes (지도교수: 김대산)

박지호 Pricing of quanto option with series expansion formula and NTS process (지도교수: 이재성)


석 사

이필규 Fractional integral operators over a function of finite type (지도교수: 임경수)

안진용  On the study of certain finite groups whose invariant rings are complete intersection (지도교수: 이용남)

백철우  On a topological space dominating finitely many different homotopy types (지도교수: 조장현)

문준식  Boosting the fuzzy sphere (지도교수: Hoppe)

이세진  Spectral properties of the discrete laplace operator (지도교수: 이영란)

고은혜 Extension of exchange options and its applications under stochastic volatilities (지도교수: 이재성)

정유식 Identities involving generalized harmonic numbers (지도교수: 김대산) 



석 사

김기욱 Invariant rings of finite groups of small order on the polynomial ring in two variables (지도교수: 이용남)

조건희 The existence of a solution for the quintic non-linear dispersion managed Schro@dinger equation with positive dispersion (지도교수: 이영란)

최형규  Mathematical approaches of value-at-risk and their applications (지도교수: 이재성)

김윤식 Alternate derivative sampling expansion (지도교수: 신창언)

서영복 Mathematical theory on barrier options  (지도교수: 이재성)

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