About us

Our research interests include the development of novel medical imaging instrumentation, i.e. hybrid PET-MRI and wearable PET, and image analysis algorithms for in vivo imaging of human body and living animals. In terms of instrumentation development, this work involves Monte Carlo simulation, radiation detector design, front-end analog electronics design, FPGA based data acquisition system design, and system integration with these innovations. We have successfully developed a preclinical PET for the first time in Korea and silicon photomultiplier based MR compatible PET insert for the first time in the world.  



Major achievement

+ Development of preclinical PET 



Development of the world's first MR compatible PET insert using silicon photomultiplier



Selection as a cover article of Medical Physics journal in April 2013


Research fields

+ Preclinical imaging instrumentation: Compact gamma camera, High resolution SPECT,

   High resolution PET,

+ Clinical imaging instrumentation: MR compatible brain PET, Wearable brain PET

+ Nuclear industry: Radiation monitoring system combined with gamma camera and optical camera

+ Image analysis: Tracer kinetic analysis, Image reconstruction and processing



#1105 Teilhard Hall, 35 Baekbeom-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul 04107, Korea.

Tel: +82-2-713-2652

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