Research Area



Radiation monitoring gamma camera


We have developed gamma camera to monitor various radiation sources in a wide range of areas at nuclear facility. To fabricate compact and light-weight gamma camera, silicon photomultiplier based detector and high-density multiplexing circuit were developed. Coded aperture were specially designed to achieve high angular resolution and detection efficiency, and as a result, it can localize and identify radiation sources in large area.



                                                                     Fused image of gamma camera and potical camera





Preclinical PET-MRI developed with insertable PET


We have developed small animal PET utilizing high-resolution multiplexed readout and charge signal transmission method. It allows the compact design and cost-effective system due to the separation between PET detector and readout electronics and high-density multiplexing circuit.





PET-MRI developed with insertable brain PET


We have developed MR compatible brain PET that can be inserted into a MR imager and that allows simultaneous PET and
MR imaging of the human brain because the mutual interference between PET and MRI was minimized by separately
locating PET detector (inside MR bore) and subsequent electronics (outside MR bore).


                                       (front view)                                (rear view)


            3D hoffman brain phantom                                                                Human brain (Male, age 26 years)

         Radiation source: 37 MBq(FDG)                                                               Radiation source:370 MBq(FGD)

 Total coincidence counts: 80million(30min)                                               Total coincidence counts: 120million(40min)

         Image reconstruction: 3D OSEM                                                              Image reconstruction: 3D OSEM



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