International journals

6. J.W. Choi, D. Yoo, W.H. Lee and H. Pedersen
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  J. of Fermemtation & Bioengineering, 81(1), pp.47-54, 1996.01

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  Journal of Ind. & Eng. Chemistry, 2(1), pp.1-6, 1996.05

9. J.W. Choi, M.J. Kim, S.W. Jung, S.Y. Oh, D.M. Shin and W.H. Lee
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  Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystal, 280, pp.367-372, 1996.05

10. J.W. Choi, G.Y. Jung, S.Y. Oh, W.H. Lee and D.M. Shin
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11. J.W. Choi, H.G. Choi, S.B. Lee and W.H. Lee
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12. J.W. Choi, H.G. Choi, K.S. Lee and W.H. Lee
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13. J.W. Choi, J.Y. Bae, J.H. Min, K.S. Cho and W.H. Lee
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  Sensors and Materials, 8(8),  pp.493-504, 1996.11

Domestic journals

13. 최정우, 박현규, 정연호
 "A Kinetic Modeling for the Dynamics of Hybridoma Cells in Suspension Culture"
  한국생물공학회지, 11권 3호, pp.276-287, 1996.06


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